Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bits and pieces of my crafting space

Here are some items I picked for my crafting space. Its not much, but I like for now ;)

crafting space
The Essentials
These are the handy 'must-have' accessories. The corkboard, glued permanently on the wall...The office table lamp which works just fine, even for thread crochet....The scissors, ruler, pen and pencil, are contained in a crocheted cozy (which used to be a camera cozy, stiff enough to stand on its own) ;)

crochet motifs
Irish Crochet Motifs
The five Irish crochet motifs set in a frame and hung on the wall...

Butterfly motif
A butterfly motif made from this pattern by Chinami Horiba

Doll with crocheted dress
Lastly, this doll wearing a crocheted dress - a Japan Surplus Store find. The doll is just a bust with a head. It has no arms, only hands. Its propped up on an empty thread cone. It stands 10 inches tall on my table ;)


  1. I really like your motif picture, it turned out great! Congratulations on all your finds, and enjoy your new space. I have been wanting to get back into dolls, too. Your doll is cute (even if it has no arms). :) I bet you could re-create the dress, if you wanted to.

  2. Thanks Tina, the framed motifs look nicer in real life...I like it a lot, I even think that the motifs look like scientific specimens, hehe :)
    You're right, if I had the time it would be nice to recreate the pattern of the doll's dress...though I'm not really into dolls. The store owner set aside the doll for me, since she knows I'm into crochet and crafts.

  3. Ang galing nung framed motifs! I'll show it to my significant other, who has been mulling about how to frame the motifs I make. :p What a great way to decorate your crafting space. :)

    1. Thanks Cat, glad you noticed!...I like the framed motifs a lot, its the coolest decor in this room ;)


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