Monday, November 24, 2014

Art in simple things...

Here are the simple things I'd like to share for those looking for simple but fresh stuff ;)

Sweet Potato Flower
I got a surprise one day when I cut up a sweet potato and it revealed a small flower design! I don't know if this is a rare occurrence, but this is the first time I saw one...even if I was only intending to cut up the sweet potato into pieces, I at once realized that there was a flower print on the inside. It is so distinct and so pretty. I had to take a picture...

sweet potato flower print
sweet potato flower print

No-Twinkle Denim Star

While most christmas stars would have a twinkle or light on it, this one made from used denim fabric - doesn't twinkle but it has a charm of its own.

and here's where the stars were hung to brighten up the place.

Apple keychain ornaments

I recently bought an artificial Christmas Tree - because it was affordable and looked good. I wanted to keep the decoration simple...and picked red as the main color. I already have some of the apple keychains I made a long time ago, and thought I needed to make some more.

Apple Keychain ornaments
Crocheted Mini Apples
Free pattern is published here.

Here's my little christmas need of more mini apples ;)

Little Christmas Tree
Little Christmas Tree

Little Christmas Basket


  1. Ganda ng Christmas tree mo! but I'm also drawn to the little basket under the tree...what's in it?

    1. Thanks Fe...I added a photo of the little basket, it contained only little figurines and gift tags that were leftover from last year. I had glued braided yarn around the basket to make it festive ;)


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