Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Crochet and Other Stuff in 2014

Only a few to list down...when it comes to writing crochet patterns and publishing it, though this coming year looks promising :)

Here are three designs that got published in 2014:

1. Pinwheel Flower - free pattern here in my blog.
2. Sienna Top - published in the book It Girl Crochet by Interweave Press. 
3. Pinya Glass Cozy - a free pattern published here.

Started with 554 projects and added 28 for a total of 582...(my Ravelry projects)
Some of my favorite projects are those for the babies in my extended family -

Another favorite of mine is the irish crochet motifs I made to be framed and hung in my workspace.

There are now even more choices and more opportunities to buy yarns. One of which is having a crafty friend in another country, where quality yarns are available...and affordable too ;) Our Cebuana friend, Fe of Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique, retails yarns she buys mostly in Singapore.
Here's a recent purchase from Fe:

I even got more of the cotton yarns, since the colors are so nice and the yarn is smooth and would be a good choice for amigurumi toys and other accessories.

I also decided to order a bit from a big yarn company, Bergere de France, just for the experience. I love their yarns, patterns and customer service. I might order again, but need to order more yarns to maximize on the shipping cost...However, I'm reluctant to order more than $50. worth of items...for I have yet to ascertain if I will be taxed heavily upon customs inspection at the P.O.

Bergere order
Bergere de France

Other Crafts 
I love sewing too...some simple wardrobe repair or upcycling here and there. No serious sewing yet, though I was able to make some recycled denim stuff, including denim star ornaments and reordered denim placemats for The Breakfast Table; and denim picture-frame souvenirs for my nephew's Christening.

My Working Space
I've completed my working space - thanks to the Surplus shop nearby. I kept on checking their items for several months until I got the big, and spacious shelves...
Most of what I have here I had for several years already...Again I thank my sis-in-law for the sewing machine, my brother for the working table, and my son for my computer and the size small dressform :)

More patterns and projects in the coming year, I guess ;)
Thanks for looking! And by the way, there's this blog featuring each week an interview with knit and crochet designers from around the world. I got included and you can find the article here.


  1. happy new year ate mimi..

    congrats on your productive 2014... I love the panoramic view of your crafty room )

  2. Thanks Bheng! Sana laging maayos ang room ko, tulad sa picture...hehe ;)

  3. What a great year! I hope 2015 is good to you!

  4. Happy New Year! Congrats on what you've achieve on 2014!

    1. Thank you Fe, and Happy New Year too!

  5. Happy New Year (a month and four days too late), Mimi. 2014 looked like it was a good year for you; I love your little workspace. :)

    1. Thank you Tina :)...I had only a few projects last year, hopefully I'll catch up this year.

      Now I forgot if I had greeted you a Happy New Year :p...
      there's one more coming though, so, Happy Chinese New Year!!

  6. Can't wait to make my long overdue visit a reality! Let's have tea and stuff, hehe.

    1. Lets schedule it Cat! Maybe you can visit here and we can also go to the nature park ;)


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