Monday, February 09, 2015

I'll be back with some crochet soon...

Hello...I know I haven't been crocheting lately. I've got some sort of an excuse - I was son got married end of January. Up to now I have yet to settle on a schedule to accomplish my decluttering and cleanup goals as well as my crochet goals. In short, I'm procrastinating again :(

We're still waiting for the official pics...meanwhile, here are some of our amateur shots.
I'm glad I stuck with my choice of the design inspiration for the gown, which I got from searching on the web (leftmost pic)...since I didn't want a gown with beads and sequins as suggested by the couturier...I'm happy how it turned out :)

Heavy makeup and set hair - is a must for the outdoor wedding and reception...I didn't like going through the process, it felt like my skin and hair got a whipping. Glad it was fine afterwards...
By the way, I was able to put the Petroleum Jelly to the test in removing the thickest ever makeup - it works wonderfully!...


  1. Very classy gown! Need I say, you look gorgeous!


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