Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pineapple Square Crochet Motif

This is from a pattern for a beach cover-up. I recently found this pattern on Ravelry...I think the diagram is from a Russian designer. I immediately decided to make this one and I'm determined to finish this as a beach cover-up.
This is exactly the kind of motif I'm looking for. First, it is very suitable to use thread for this. Second, it is a big lacy square that works up quickly. This can be joined as you go, without leaving too many ends to weave in. As a bonus, it can easily be made bigger or smaller by adding or subtracting rounds and rows. Lastly, I'm able to use our local size 8 threads (which is cheaper). Though this can also be made using any size 10 thread.
Because I can't wait to blog about this, here's the first square I just finished:
(Note: I worked up to rnd 18 here, but it became a bit big for me so I ended up with 17 rnds per motif.)

pineapple crochet square
crochet pineapple square


  1. I love it.. gusto ko rin gawin yan... how many squares will it take to make a whole tunic?

    1. I'm sure you'll like it Bheng :)
      Only 8 squares for the main body, then 1 each for the sleeves (I'm thinking of omitting the sleeves and making a cap sleeve instead. I estimate to use up 6 to 7 balls of monaco thread.


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