Sunday, April 19, 2015

An outdoor project - time to take up gardening!

I guess that at a certain stage in life many of us would take up gardening as a hobby, if we haven't already. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have reached that stage...haha! And thanks to a friend who inspired me with her beautiful green home and her vegetable garden in Antipolo, I might be on to something good.. :)

I have a big enough outdoor space which is all concrete - perfect for potted plants...though it is in dire need of a makeover...

I have privacy as well as aesthetic concerns...
With a limited budget and some kind of a plan, I began my outdoor project...

I bought inexpensive ready-made bamboo fences and set these up on one section of the balcony.

 Still a lot to do, but I'm pleased with what I've done so far ;)


  1. Wow all that concrete needs greenery!!! The bamboo looks perfect, especially when it meets the palm tree. You could grow green beans or peas up the bamboo or for fragrance you could do sweet peas (lots of color) or jasmine or honeysuckle. Please post updates, I love to see your garden grow!!

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, lesadora!! There is a big area that I have to fill up and I hardly know anything about plants...Those are banana trees in the background, and it belongs to the landowner of the adjacent vacant lot. So, unfortunately for me I don't have my own land to grow plants on. But I am grateful for my very own outdoor space :)


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