Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Some recycled denim projects

While I'm not crocheting, I like making easy and quick projects. I still have plenty of used, good-quality denims and enjoy making these cute and easy projects.

The 4" diameter coasters were made from the inseams of denim jeans. The only other material needed is fabric glue. I used a special craft glue called tacky glue by Bostik. It has a very strong adhesion, yet it doesn't get stiff when dry.

For the bags I used mostly the leg parts of the denim. The bigger bag is two leg parts sewn together. One pocket is cut from the pants and sewn in front of the bag, the other pocket sewn inside. The handles came from the waistband, carefully ripped out, folded and sewn.
The smaller bag is one leg part, with a built-in outside pocket...What I love about making these bags is that the design comes naturally as the denim already has its own style ;)

Just an update: I am able to take pictures now since one of my dear sisters-in-law lent me her new camera, until I get my own :)


  1. Great recycled projects, Mimi! I used to have a big bag of old jeans I was saving for projects, but it got thrown out when we moved.

    1. Thanks Tina!
      You can save another batch of old jeans...hehe
      All the denim projects are very sturdy and looks nice too :)

  2. Hi ms. Mimi! May i know where tacky glue can be bought? I have been looking for one for months now. Where did you purhase yours? Thanks

    1. hI, you can buy the Bostik tacky glue at Handyman. (last time I bought it was P144.)


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