Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Crochet News

Hello! Back here again to share some of my recent crochet-related stuff!

1. My Crochet Channel

Might be quite late for me to join in on youtube - since I intend to monetize my channel... (Google will only evaluate a channel when it reaches 10,000 views.) It is a long long way to go, but... Thanks to my friends, crochet buddies. and followers for their support - I am inspired! 😊
So far, I have 8 crochet-related videos...I guess I need to make a hundred more!..haha

2. Crochet Books, The Book Depository

This came today, with free and fast international shipping from The Book Depository! I also timed my purchase when these books were discounted. 😉
I'm planning to make gifts for babies and kids in my family...I'm so happy how the family has grown - more nephews, nieces (includes grandnieces/nephews), and of course my very own granddaughter!

3. Crochet Design Submissions
Though my designs are few and far between, I'm still into it - wanting to get published again. I've just mailed a proposal for a top I made two years ago...goodluck to me 😀

By the way, I have contributed a pattern (Shells and Flowers Shrug) to the 2018 Crochet Calendar and have just received my complimentary copy. I submitted late and had to take my own photo...and I didn't really like it 😛. (This made me determined to take better photos next time!)

4. Modeling my Crochet
I really like wearing the crochet clothes I make - as for modeling it, I just had to...I seldom have someone else to model it for me, or even to take the photos - so I had to learn to do both. I never mastered any of the things I do, but I'm content to be able to pull things through...😊
Here's the result of my latest "pictorial" and editing efforts:

Halter Top by Mimi Alelis
Shell Halter Top

The Shell Halter Top crochet pattern is for sale on Ravelry and on Etsy.
That's all for now, thanks for looking!

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