Friday, March 16, 2018

Quick and pretty DIY jewelry!

Seems I got a lot more done this week - with organizing, decluttering and crafting projects!
I had some pendants and beads, some from old/broken bracelets and necklaces and keychains, mostly from my Mom...and they were just set aside for years (some for decades!)... I did a bit of digging into my stash for the right materials, and with a little help from my handy pliers, I was able to make myself 6 necklaces and a bracelet - all looking new and surely one-of-a-kind.
This crafting project came up when I bought these elastic headbands at the supermarket, Its actually tight as a headband - gives me a headache. But its just the right size for a necklace, like the one that I usually wear. Its 18 inches in circumference.

elastic headbands
I bought two packs of these elastics - its only P50. ($1.) per pack of 4 pcs. So that's the only money I spent...and after a few hours, I have new jewelry! I was never this happy as when I bought a fashion accessory at the store. These may look simple, but to me they are just perfect for my style!
So far I have 6 new necklaces and 1 bracelet...I'm thinking of some more to make 😉

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