Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hello puppies! (Crochet for Dogs Links)

I havent crocheted any item for dogs, but here are some links for free patterns you may want to try.
For some dog sweaters and accessories you may want to try these:
New! Dog sweater by Shelle
Chi dog sweaters
Cabled Dog Sweater
Dog or Cat Sweater
Groovy Dogs (3 dog coat patterns)
Halter-Style Doggie Sweater
Jack's Sweater
Patriotic Dog Jacket
One-pc. solid Dog Sweater
Ribbed Dog Sweater
Sailor dog coat
Poop purse and Matching leash
Pup poop pouch
Funkalicious Pet Pad
Dog Booties
Pet Collar

More crochet for pets links here.

For crocheted dogs patterns you may want to try these:

New! Amigurumi Chihuahua
New! Little Dog Amigurumi
New! Dortya's Mini Doggie
New! TiChi Dog
Poodle Toy
Dog Finger Puppet
Amigurumi Dog -pattern for sale
For a general category on crochet for pets go to crochet pattern central.


  1. Great picture. Hope all is well!

  2. Mariel Justine and Meg15 June, 2005

    Hi Auntie Mimi,

    We love the picture of your black puppy dog! Please post some more of your puppy pictures. We miss you!

    Migs, cay2, Mariel Justine and Meg!

  3. I miss you all too! Love you all, take care!

  4. It was nice to find a pattern for dog booties. Does anyone know of a book that has them in?

  5. please check your links the one for dog botties is not working

  6. The website seemed to have can try this link for the dog booties:

  7. i would like to crochet a visor or a hat for my pup let me know if you have a pattern


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