Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What is a blog?

Hello! I'm trying to create my own blogspot, though I dont really know how this works, I'll figure it out as I go along. Nothing to lose, its free, and I think it'll look like I'm so smart at using the computer...hehe...
So now I'm thinking, this is like a diary and I'm going to have to do it right coz its going to be read by anyone interested (and hoping some people will be).
I'm going to start by dedicating this blogspot to my very few friends and fans of my crochet work (the women in my life). You know who you are...


  1. I thought all of your patterns were very beautiful, consider me also a fan!

  2. You are doing very well at this blogging thing, Mimi! It took me a few months to figure it all out, and I'm still not totally there. Your patterns are lovely, and so are your friends! And thanks for leaving a comment at my blog, I have replied there too, if you care to look again.

  3. Great pinay smiles.

    Love your crochet work.

  4. You have a GREAT blog. I absolutely loved all the projects you have there and that bag is beautiful.


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