Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Crochet Helmet Pattern

I came up with this pattern after searching the free patterns on the internet. I found two patterns that inspired me to make my own: winter hat by lionbrand and chullo hat by art yarns.
Picture in my previous post

Materials: acrylic 4-ply yarn (18 gms each): 2 skeins rust, 1 skein tan, 1 skein ivory;
Aluminum Crochet Hook size: 5 mm.

Gauge: Using 5 mm. hook, 17 sc across = 4"; 20 sc rows = 4"
Size: small to medium, Adult; For larger size use a bigger hook.
Measurements: Center top to brim, 7"; Circumference, 22 1/2"
With rust, Ch 4, join with sl st to form ring.
Rnd 1: Work 8 sc into ring. Mark beg of rounds. Working in a continous circle,
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around -- 16 sc.
Rnd 3: *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 24 sc.
Rnd 4: *1 sc in each of next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 32 sc.
Rnd 5: *1 sc in each of next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 40 sc.
Rnd 6: *1 sc in each of next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 48 sc.
Note: To make the vertical lines (optional design), starting with the following row and on each alternate row up to row 29, make the corresponding sc increase on the next row below the one being worked on, creating a long sc stitch. There will be 8 long scs made on the alternate rows.
Rnd 7: *1 sc in each of next 5 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 56 sc.
Rnd 8: Sc in each sc around -- 56 sc.
Change to tan,
Rnd 9: *1 sc in each of next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 64 sc.
Rnd 10: Sc in each sc around -- 64 sc.
Rnd 11: *1 sc in each of next 7 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 72 sc.
Rnd 12: Sc in each sc around -- 72 sc.
Rnd 13: *1 sc in each of next 8 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 80 sc.
Rnd 14: Sc in each sc around -- 80 sc.
Rnd 15: *1 sc in each of next 9 sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * around -- 88 sc.
Rnd 16: Sc in each sc around -- 88 sc.
Change to rust
Rnds 17-18: Sc in each sc around.
Change to ivory
Rnds 19-20: Sc in each sc around.
Change to tan
Rnds 21-22: Sc in each sc around.
Rnds 23-28: Repeat rnds 17-22 -- 88 sc.
Change to rust
Rnds 29-32: Sc in each sc around.
Flap: do not fasten off. Working in rows,
Row 1: sc in each of the next 17 sc. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2: sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 3: Dec 1 sc in 1st 2 sc, sc in each sc across to the last 2 scs, dec 1 sc in last 2 sc. Ch 1, turn. -- 15 sc.
Row 4: Sc in each sc across.
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until 5 sc remains.
Tie: Do not fasten off. Sl st to the 3rd sc from hook, ch 51, sl st in the 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across.
Edging: Continue working across edge of flap and brim as follows: *sl st on the next sc, ch 1, skip 1 sc sl st on the next sc; repeat from * across up to the 27th sc from the first flap.
Work the second flap on the next 17 sc, repeating the pattern from the flap to the tie, to the edging. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Another version of this hat.
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  1. Ooohh, that's so cute!!!
    I like that color combo very much.
    I wish I could come up with nice pattern like that. :)

  2. Oh Mimi - this is wonderful and in my favourite colours, too. You are giving crochet real style!

  3. Hi Mimi, I'm new at blogs, and I love crochet also. I saw your blog when I did a search on 'crochet blog' just to find others like me. I love your helmet! We here in Florida can use them for our winter football season. Thank you for the pattern, when will you post the rest?

  4. Thanks Chie! I'm thrilled to hear that from you. You know I'm really a fan of your pretty handmade creations!
    By the way, I have to give credit to my sister for choosing the colors of the yarns for me to make a hat for her.
    Suzanne and Puffstitch, thanks for your wonderful remarks! Now I'm more inspired to make my own patterns. I'll be completing the pattern this weekend, I don't want to keep anyone in suspense...

  5. I love this hat! I'm adding it to my list of WIMs - I think a lot of university kids will love this when they see it.

  6. Thanks so much for such a well-written pattern! I had to look up hat patterns when I didn't understand a cloche pattern I am currently working on. Thanks to your instructions within this pattern, I now 'get' the cloche pattern! I love this pattern, too, and this may have to be my second crocheted hat!

  7. hi! can u give me a pattern for baby booties using monacco cotton threads? i'm just a beginner & i'm also a filipina. thanks!

  8. Hi! I'm glad to know that you've been looking at my crochet stuff. I'm already half done writing down a pattern for baby booties which I have created several years ago. I will post it by the end of this week.

  9. I made this hat without the vertical stripes (only because I didn't quite understand how to do that part) And it turned out so cute! I love it. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  10. I'm glad this pattern is appreciated! Thanks for leaving a comment, Amber!

  11. green_crochet15 June, 2006

    I am excited to try this hat, its my first pattern! luckily i have a really great teacher--

  12. Hey thanks a lot,
    I made this hat but with dark blue, light purple and the streaks of light green. It turned pretty good but I think I did need thicker wool... heheh thanks you have some cute photos too :)

  13. Thank you all for your comments. It would be great if you send me some photos of your crochet made from my patterns.
    I would like to apologize to those who have been checking back to see if I had put up my baby booties and hat patterns. I wasnt able to do it yet because I got a new job.
    Please visit my site often to see what is new. I still plan to do the baby items, but I cant say when.

  14. OooOOoooo I love this hat pattern. Thank you so much. I'm working on the helmet hat right now, but I'm just a little confused on how to do the vertical stripes.

  15. Hi Monica, thanks for your comment.
    Maybe if you look at the bigger photo and invert it, you will see much better the long sc sts made as noted after rnd 6 of the pattern.

  16. Here it is, showing a close-up of the stitches, starting with the bottom rnd going up to brim. Hope this helps :)

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I've been looking for a flap hat exactly like this for ages, and accidentally found this one while looking for something else! You've made my day, thankyou!

  18. Hello! I love this hat and I started making it, but it came out way bigger than it should have (about a 25" circumference). Should I try using a smaller hook (I used the 5 mm hook) or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks so much!

  19. Hi Margaret, thanks for your comment. Maybe you can make a swatch using a smaller hook and see if it approximates the gauge specified in this pattern...

  20. I am in the process of making this helmet hat and it seems to small. I am using a 6mm crochet hook, and I am at step 17-18. Will it work out to be bigger? Because it looks like a child's hat? Please give any suggestions!

  21. I just finished making this hat and it looks fabulous! The pattern is written out perfectly and very easy to follow (I've only been crocheting for two years). The only problem I had is that the pattern is very small -- it made a hat for a child, not an adult. I wonder if this is because I live in Australia and our hook sizes and yarn ply might be different from the US (the names we give stitches definitely is different, so I made sure I got that part right).

  22. I've made this a long time ago, and could only go by what is indicated in gauge...try using thicker yarn and bigger hook.

  23. Anonymous18 July, 2009

    HI! i wish u could help me coz i have hard time of looking a larger size hook. i don't know where i could find i am from pampanga. please help me. i'm hazel


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