Friday, July 15, 2005

Making the "ivory shawl"

If you want to make the "ivory shawl" I have the following tips:

*acquire the pattern from Mani di Fata (unfortunately, its not available for free anymore...)
*have thread specified in pattern or * have 4 balls (50gms each) of size 8 or 10 mercerized cotton thread (I used Cannon ...)
*use a 2.5mm hook as specified in pattern or *3.00mm hook as I did, for a finished size of about 110 x 182 cm
*this seems to work up fast, but not when you're in the middle...
*think of the end result - this is a pretty shawl!
*have a little patience, and some more...
*when you're done crocheting the shawl, try to have fun making the fringes - its worth it!
*finally, praise yourself and enjoy the beautiful shawl or find someone who will!

ETA: see here for Ivory shawl swatch tutorial


  1. WOW Mimi - that shawl is beautiful. I'm going to check out the pattern.

  2. Mimi, it's soooo beautiful!

  3. I'm happy to share the beautiful free pattern that I "discovered" on the internet! Thanks all for your comments!

  4. It is so beautiful!


  5. Nice job! That looks beautiful!


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