Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crochet Necklaces

Hi! You might not have noticed I was gone, I was away from the computer for 4 days! I have gone to a 4-day vacation to Hongkong, it was great! I'll share some pics later.
Had a lot of catching up to do, in housework and in crochet, of course!
Just in time, I got hold of Rachel's necklace patterns as soon as it came out!
Here's the first pattern I tried, its named Multi Strand Magic Necklace, I did it in black, the first one with dark green beads. And I did another one with some variation, I replaced the crocheted dc's with additional pearl beads.

Another necklace I just made - the Petal Pendant Necklace! I used Cannon size 8 and 1.5mm(no.5) hook.

I would love to try all of the neckwear patterns, I'll be buying or hunting more beads later this week :D

Update: I wore the Petal Pendant necklace when I went out today to mail some packages at the P.O. My friend there noticed it right away and kept saying it was pretty and she couldnt keep her eye off it...I took it as a compliment, and I gave her the necklace! Taking a closer look, she said I was really good in crochet. I told her it was designed by a friend ;)

When I came home, I couldnt wait to make another one. I wanted to make it in different colors. I made one in the same color as above and another one in lavender:


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2006

    Very pretty, Mimi! I hope the pattern was easy to follow. (You're quick!)

    -Rachel, CPC/CPR

  2. Thanks Rachel! I told you I cant wait to make them ;) Your neckwear collection is very nice, there is always something to be worn in every occasion. The patterns were quite easy. I like it because I can improvise and come up with my own interpretation.

  3. More crocheted jewelry! The necklaces are gorgeous, Mimi. Now all you need is a bracelet. ;p I'm glad you had a nice time in Hong Kong.

  4. cherrycola31 May, 2006

    Hey! The one with the pearls is very, very nice =) =) =)

  5. Thanks, Tina! I think all the necklace patterns by Rachel can also be made into bracelets ;)
    Hi Sis! I'm obviously fond of pearls, the ones I used for the second necklace is the cheap kind. But if you want it, its yours! Would you want it in black thread or natural color thread? I'd prefer natural color thread for pearls, I'm considering using real pearls...What do you think?

  6. Those are gorgeous! The flower is beautiful, but I have to say I like the second one best.

  7. Beautiful job, Mimi! (Nice patterns, Rachel!)

    Glad you enjoyed your time away, Mimi.

  8. I'm pearl crazy....so of course I adore the black and pearl one. Very pretty!

  9. Thanks for your comments!

    ...the second one is my favorite so far, but I'll be making more ;)

    ...thanks, I had the best vacation ever, in my life ;)

    ...now that's one thing we have in common, I wont forget about you ;)

  10. Mimi those are all beautiful, and i'm glad you liked the cotton :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Barb! I cant wait to make a project with the Bernat Cotton you sent :)

  12. cherrycola01 June, 2006

    Natural color thread with real pearls sounds good! I was going to request for the original one you made (even if they're not real) but the thing is I don't have any earrings to match it. I think I would like to ask for the first one since it's mostly black and I can still wear silver earrings with it. =)

  13. I love them all, but especially like the one with the gray pearls-beautiful!

  14. Thank you Deneen, now I'm more inspired to make more of those pearl necklaces ;)

    Sis, already sent you the first one as you requested :D

  15. wow mimi!!! they are all so elegant!!!

    i am partial to pearls since it's my birthstone. didnt realize that cotton thread and pearls would look so nice.

    hope we can go beadshopping one of these days. promise i will stop you from buying the whole store. lol

  16. Thanks for the compliments, Jeng!
    Yeah, sure wish we could go beadshpping together kahit sa Quiapo lang...maybe you're the one that needs to be looked out for, lest you buy everything...haha...

  17. ooo..I'm looking for a crochet necklace pattern to make for my wedding..one of these might be it!

  18. I hope you try these necklaces and show us what you made, esp.if it is for your wedding day. Best wishes!


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