Saturday, May 06, 2006

Driving an electric golf cart to work!

How I wish that is possible here, then I would just sell my car and buy a golf cart! Something like this:

Everyone's finances is being drained mostly by high fuel costs. It seems a lawmaker is starting a trend, as he drives a golf cart to his office to save on gas. (see article)


  1. Yay ! For two , I can see the picture and two, I love the idea!!

  2. It's a cool idea, yes? I know people who do this however they own their own business which is spread over something close to 200 acres, but if they leave their work base and need to go into town they do have to take a gas guzzling automobile ;) Anyway, it's a huge savings for them on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc., basis.

  3. I think this is very much slower than a car and its permitted only to be driven from within two miles (3.22 km.) from where you live...Maybe if electric cars were affordable, that would be the best =)


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