Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crochet update and more crochet patterns from Garnstudio

I hope most of you want to know what I am up to in crochet... I am wondering myself what projects I have done for the first two months of this year. Not much actually.
Oh, I just made a dishcloth from Kimberly's crazy cloth pattern, and I like it so much! I'm not showing it here yet, since I joined a dishcloth swap at Simply Crochet and I'll be making the same one for my swap partner. (pssst...its posted on Fiber Freaks)
I'm planning to put up my tank top pattern for sale, that is after I've worked it out with size 10 thread and figured out the other sizes as well.
For my new design for Coats, I'm working on a skirt and top set. I wont talk much about it here though. If you want to take a sneak peek, its in the FF forum as well ;)
I finally thought of something that is not like what I've seen on the internet. I do look for inspiration from the trendy designs from Garnstudio, Mani di Fata, Adriafil, Phildar and some other foreign language sites. I find it more difficult sometimes to come up with my own, after seeing all of it. Seems like everything has been done in crochet already. But, I think as with any kind of fashion design, there's no end to the creativity. There is always something new or reinvented that would come out fresh and appeal to most of us.

And here, to add more inspiration, are the latest designs in crochet from Garnstudio:

new!Jacket in Ice
new! Bolero in Alpaca and Vivaldi
new! Dress in Safran
Colorful Blanket in Eskimo
Sleeveless Top in Silke-Alpaca
Shoulder piece in Silke-Alpaca
Lacy Shawl in Silke-Alpaca
Shrug in Silke-Alpaca
Hat in Silke-Alpaca
Dress in Paris
Dress in Ice
Dress in Alpaca and Cotton Viscose
Long Cardigan in Muskat
Sleeveless Cardigan in Alpaca
Skirt in Alpaca and Cotton Viscose
Jacket in Alpaca and Cotton Viscose
Rose fillet shawl in Alpaca
Tunic in Alpaca and Cotton Viscose
Jacket in Silke-Alpaca
Button cover in Muskat
Hat in Paris
Another hat in Paris
Hat in Safran
Hat in Bomull-lin
Corset top in Safran
Blanket in Eskimo

There's more here from Garnstudio
or go to my updated garnstudio crochet pattern links here


  1. Thanks for the links!!!!!! Cute stuff!

  2. I love the first jacket and the tunic. The problem is I don't have time to do all the pattern I like :(

  3. All the new links look great Mimi. Thanks for sharing them. And a sneak peek at what you are making. I kind of feel like you, too... 'everything that has been done in crochet has already been done'... but then you see people coming out with something new.... (even though a lot of times lately, it is a remake of something old!) :) (Like bringing back all the 70's styles...)

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  5. Oh; I didn't see the dishcloth link! Maybe I'll try that one instead of my garterlac one. ;) It's made out of thread, huh? Cool.


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