Friday, March 09, 2007

Crochet News

Have you joined the "Bernat Home" contest? Well, all you U.S. and Canada residents, 18 yrs and above are qualified to join. Go on over to the site and submit your entry form for a chance to win yarns - lots of it...hehe...
Also check out the cool patterns that are available there.

Are you good in Math? Well, if you're good in crochet as well, maybe you would like to try this: Crocheting a Hyperbolic Plane.
If you can figure it out, you might be able to create these:


  1. I am oh so not good at math, but Andrea would love it.

    I got your package yesterday-thanks!

  2. Good heavens! That math webpage goes on forever! I say just screw up on crocheting a circle and you've got one of those sea creatures. :o)

  3. Right you are, Sue, lol!

    I'm not any good at Math either (I used to be good ages ago...)
    I'm glad you got your order Deneen...delivered in less than 2 weeks ;)

  4. That crocheted reef is so neat...thanks for sharing. I showed it to a non-crocheter and even he was impressed! Rachel, CPC/KPC

  5. Yes, those are impressive, I guess its because of how they combined the colors and how it was photographed.
    Thanks for stopping by Rachel!


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