Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lazy Days...

Thank you for the comments on my previous post. I'm looking forward to share some more on my sister and her b.f.'s vacation here :)

Meanwhile, I have so many things on my crochet to-do list, and I'm somewhat stuck (or lazy) and not doing any of it :p ...But I have a FO to post now, this is what I have made recently. I wonder why I couldn't get myself to make the other animals, only the cats and bears appeal to me. So here are the cats, the bears are still WIPs.

Incidentally, these are from Kristie's Kreations Lazy Days pattern. I used Carmencita yarn for the pink one and Red Heart 3-ply yarn for the brown one.


  1. Oh they are too darn precious! I love em!

  2. They are adorable...

  3. Ohh Mimi, they are soooo cute!

  4. So cute and lazy.
    You all seem to have a nice time
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  5. They are so cute. I have a couple of Kristie's patterns, they are so fun. Oh, to have a lazy day.... (sigh.) ;)

  6. Oh, I may have to get the lazy days patterns...the bunny she shows is adorable!


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