Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holiday in July

It feels like Christmas holiday here - family reunion, lots of cheer and gifts :)
It isn't that cold though, but summer is over and the rainy season is on.
Last Christmas season we missed our youngest sibling, my sister, who is now living in the U.K. Now she is here on vacation, together with her Dutch b.f. I think they are having a wonderful time so far. They are now visiting some provinces up North and will be back here before the week is over. We are probably going to tour her b.f. around here and nearby cities.
I might be able to share some pics of us later. Meanwhile, here are some of the goodies I got:

Another Knitting magazine! This is perfect for beginners in knitting ;)

And this book - a must have ;)
And a black acrylic yarn with gold metallic.
Thanks again for the goodies, Sis!


  1. You got some lovely goodies there. Those books look wonderful. And the yarn too. Have fun touring around with your guest and do share the pictures.

  2. How wonderful that you can spend time with your family...I have a couple of Simply Knitting, aren't they wonderful?

  3. Anonymous09 July, 2007

    Neat goodies! Enjoy the time with your sis.

  4. Wow what a lot of nice things. I bet it's nicest though to see your sister again. Have a nice time visiting! :)

  5. Hmmm, I am interested on the encyclopedia of crochet. Anything interesting there?


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