Friday, November 02, 2007

More steel for crochet projects

And I don't mean wire to crochet with :p

Just my luck, I got a lot of metal the other week from two different sources.
One was from Malaysia, from Lily. She was so kind to buy me these, since I don't know where else to buy it. My favorite Tulip steel hooks:

The other came from China, which my son bought for me. More than a hundred pairs of magnetic snaps!
He didn't have much time to buy other craft supplies for me, though. Besides, the fair was for wholesalers. He did get a lot of catalogs and I just drooled over it :p

I'll be adding these snaps to my online store soon... (Don't worry Yasmin, I had not forgotten that you needed these too.)


  1. Thanks for thinking about me Mimi . It's so sewwt of you to remember.Guess what I just got lucky and gotsome magnetic snaps about 50! It was a surprise from my friend who was on vacation and foundthese for me.

  2. That's cool, Yasmin! Now you can make plenty of those bags without having to sew a zipper ;)


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