Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Gallery

Lately, I have seen some more projects made from my designs. Thanks to all the wonderful photos shared online, and to those sent to me by email. Here are the most recent ones:
Gene and Hope's beret cap with brim:

diagonal-striped pouch, matrix purse, and stylish sack bag.

Riohnna, Pearlin and Tina's mesh bags.

Riohnna's baby mittens and poinsettia doily!

And, the baby hats! These are from Tina (on the bear), Ashley (on the baby), Cathy (with blue flower) and mine is the one with the ribbon :)

I have yet to add some of these pics to my photo gallery.


  1. Such great projects! :)
    Everyone did a fantastic job!

  2. Hello dear Mimi! You must be so proud, to see everybody crocheting your designs!


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