Friday, December 07, 2007

Gift wrapping tips - for crochet items

The other day, I saw on TV an artist sharing innovative ways of wrapping gifts. He is the well-known international artist, floral architect, Rachy Cuna.
I don't have any photos of what was shown on TV, but I saw that another blogger shared the picture below showing what was demonstrated by Rachy in another venue.

So pretty and interesting, but I might not be able to duplicate it. He used handmade paper, raffia, sinamay ribbon, gold paint, banana leaf, and many more, most of which can easily be bought cheap at Divisoria. I don't go there though, so if I buy materials at the mall, its not going to be cheap. Anyways, I got some tips from Rachy, and the inspiration to make gift-wrapping a challenge and a gift in itself.

Using materials that I already have, I came up with two gift-wrapping styles.

"Doily Wrap"
I used leftover handmade paper (use any size bigger than the item to be wrapped), abaca twine, and a tiny crocheted flower. I just rolled the paper together with the doily, tied it with twine, made a bow with the twine, added the little flower, and tied a small card:

"Peppermint Stick"This one shows how I wrapped a crochet hook.


  1. Interesting on the peppermint stick! That kind of method is really cheap and all you need to buy are the ribbons.

  2. Very creative, Mimi! I have used a brown paper bag, cut up, turned inside out (of course), newspaper, shiny magazine pages... Yarn twisted or braided for the 'ribbon'... One time I read somewhere to turn a brown paper grocery bag inside out, cut slits towards the top, and put a wide ribbon through the slots and tied it in front, for a gift bag. Everyone said what a good idea it was, and if everyone did something like that; and put the money they would have used on wrapping paper into a fund for diapers (it was for a baby shower), it would have been a big help... I like your peppermint stick idea a lot. Great idea!

  3. Great ideas Mimi - I love how you wrapped the hook!

  4. Thanks for the photo credit. Haven't applied Rachy's tips to my presents though.

  5. Great ideas! I especially love the peppermint stick!

  6. How very clever, Mimi! The peppermint stick is adorable! Thanks for sharing.:o)

  7. Hmmmmm I learn something new everyday thanks for sharing it. I will surely try these out.:)

  8. What a fantastic idea for gift wrapping, thanks for sharing.


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