Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday pictures

My son recently got himself a camera and designated himself as our family's official photographer. This also means that I need not use my camera that often for my projects, since I have my very own in-house photographer ;)
For practice, he has instantly taken some creative shots. Photo above shows our Christmas tree (which looks better with the effects...)
Shown below, the crocheted snowman that was in my Christmas decorations basket, and, my nephew and son with the holiday stuff toys they got as souvenir from Saisaki restaurant.

And here's my current WIP, a shrug that I want to wear soon. Haven't worn a shrug in public, so we'll have to see if I can pull it through ;)


  1. Love the shrug and your son took some great pictures. You have your own photographer. Oh question why you not wear a shrug in public? LOVE IT.

  2. You absolutely can where that beautiful shrug out!

  3. You absolutely can pull it off! It looks great, Mimi!

    Your sons pictures look great! Maybe he can start a photography business... taking portraits or something?

  4. Looks as though your son is a natural when it comes to creative photography. And I love the shurg! I've never worn one in public either, but I think they are really neat.

  5. I'm sure you're enjoying the new in-home photographer and he's starting off great.

  6. **Great** pictures! And the finished shrug looks fantastic, certainly you could wear that out in public. It's beautiful!


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