Saturday, January 05, 2008

A look back at 2007, and my latest Crochet Top

These are what I have accomplished in 2007, as far as crocheting goes. I'm squeezing it all in one post (please bear with me) :p

I was featured on t.v., Jan.14 - in a small segment on the program "Convergence" on Net25. Though it didn't make me popular or anything, I considered it a lucky break and a great way to start the year.

I made it on t.v.!

I put up my website on Googlepages and announced my first published patterns with Coats Manila Bay.

Tank Top and Bolero Set

In keeping with the spirit of Valentines Day: made instructions to make a Heart Souvenir.

Worked as one of the judges in a nationwide Needlecrafts Competition held by Coats Manila Bay

Posted free pattern on my blog - Loopy Flowers


Two brimmed hats I made from Japanese pattern book:

Made these dishcloths for swaps:

Posted free pattern - Scallop Coaster

Joined the Project Brave Kids livelihood project, teaching crochet to the moms of cancer patients.
Printed Halter Top


Flower Chokers - for my blogiversary giveaway.

Items I designed and made for Project Brave Kids

Yoko Suzuki's Square

Toys we made at Project Brave Kids from patterns shared by Kristie


Peek-a-boo Shrug - the shrug I made for my sister's b.f.'s niece.


Design submitted to Coats Manila Bay (pattern coming soon)

Simple shrugs I didn't get to finish writing patterns for

More designs and projects for Project Brave Kids

Baby Hat pattern finished for Crochet Calendar 2007


AdriafilDitto & Rovescio no. 42 baby hat:

My black tunic

Projects from Japanese designs

Small Tote Bag
Mini Basket

How to attach magnetic snaps on bags

New pattern: Crochet Mesh Bags
Pattern for sale here ;)

Instructions to make your own personalized labels

Green Mesh Bag

New Patterns:

Poinsettia Coaster

Poinsettia Flower Doily and Coaster

Posted Free Pattern - Flower Choker

click here for pdf pattern

Purse Keychain designed by Mary Jane Hall

My Purple Shrug

And, finally, this is my last FO for 2007:

I submitted this design to Coats Manila Bay a few months ago. I made this short top for myself, but the one I'm modeling below in mustard color is the one I submitted to Coats. I really like the mustard yellow more than the other color I made...but I used the gold color thread, since I had it in my stock :p


  1. A very productive year for you Mimi. I hope I can as productive as you in this 2008 year. By the way, I like your yellow new design.

  2. Wow! You've had a busy and productive year. So happy for you! You make me proud!!! I hope the in new year too you have many more lovely creations to show and inspire .All the best .

  3. You've made a lot Mimi! How many designs will be out for this year? I saw your shrug pattern in a local store this afternoon and I was tempted to buy, hahaha! But I already made correspondence with you, are you okay with the 2-3pm meeting (any day is fine except Wednesdays and Thursdays.) :)

  4. Wow, you've had quite the busy year! Your designs are beautiful! May you have another year full of amazing designs!

  5. WOW! I hope I can be as half as productive as you were last year, this year. I really want to make more wearables for me. All your things look fabulous, Mimi! Very professional.

  6. Oh WOW you have totally been a very busy woman best of luck as having a great year this year as last year keep on crocheting.:)

  7. I agree with the other girls! Congratulations, Mimi! I´m proud of you, my friend!

  8. Oh my! You've had a very busy and productive year! You go girl!

  9. Thanks so much ladies! I'm so inspired with your comments...I like to blog as much as I like to crochet, you make both of it so much more enjoyable for me.
    Thanks again :)

  10. I'm finally able to leave a comment!

    I loved seeing 2007 in review - all those wonderful concepts brought to fruitation. Incredible workmanship!

    I hope 2008 and is even better for you and of course, thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Wow! You have quite a few crochet accomplishments. Congradulations on a successful, crochet-filled year. Can't wait to see what the New Year holds for you!


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