Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Beauty from Nature

First of all, I avoid commercial products as much as I can.
I am still looking for a natural and inexpensive substitute for commercial soap and shampoo, and I still use the ones readily available at the grocery. But for deodorant, when I feel I need it, I just use a little baking soda.

My main tip now is to USE WHATEVER YOU HAVE IN YOUR KITCHEN, that in one way or another someone has already tried as a beauty treatment. Just Google it, and you'll find what you need to apply it.
For example, here at home we now have a good supply of Papaya. My father and brother have planted lots of papaya trees, and now regularly harvest the fruit.
I googled papaya beauty treatments.
There is so much information to be found, but for now these are the ones I tried:

Papaya and Coconut Oil hair spa

After eating a generous serving of delicious papaya, I scooped some of it to a small bowl, and mashed it with about a teaspoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil has long been used as a hair treatment. And I read that papaya and coconut oil can be used to condition dry hair. So before I shampooed I applied the mixture to my scalp and hair. It was so soothing!

Papaya facial

While I was waiting for the papaya conditioner to work wonders on my hair, I thought... I could still use the papaya peel!... so I searched and found this tip:
Rub inner peel of ripe papaya over face and neck. Wash off with tap water, and wipe with a soft towel after 15 minutes. This leaves a cool, fresh, Feel on the face for hours. Regular use, will make the skin soft and glowing.
I tried the tip right away and it sure did make my skin soft and smooth. I also had a cold, so the pampering really worked to make me feel better :)

Btw, this is our one and only horse, Petra. She lives on my father's farm lot ;)


  1. Whew....glad you explained the Petra's pic cause after reading about your spa treatment, I saw the horse pic and thought...OMG, look what happened to Mimi!!! Just kidding.....thanks for the tips!!

  2. Well, I love her facial expression and thought, it would best describe how I looked after pampering ;) Thanks for stopping by, Lucy!

  3. Do you know that I don't eat Papaya. My doctor told me to eat lots of it but there is something with the texture of the ripe fruit that I can't really take though I eat the unripe papaya in Tinola. Oh, calamansi is also a great alternative for a deodorant. :)

  4. Oh, that is another thing you have in common with my son. I can't make him eat ripe papaya, but what I do is not to wait for the papaya to get soft. I give him the orange one that is almost ripe, I slice it into chunks and he eats it! Maybe you should try it sometime ;)

  5. I have no idea that papaya can be used for hair and facial treatment as well. Thanks for the tips. You horse looks like "Dongkey" in Shrek cartoon movie. It shows that I watch cartoon too much :)

  6. At first I thought the horse wasn't charming at all, but after seeing her photos I realized she has some good traits ;)
    Btw, I did watch cartoons too, when my sons were now I hardly know any cartoon except The Simpsons.

  7. Wow. I wish we could have papaya trees in our backyard. (A horse would be nice, too.) :P Isn't papaya good for upset stomach, too? My Grandma had papaya tablets in the fridge and when I would go to her house (and had an upset stomach) she would give me some. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't tried it, but it worked. I think because of the natural enzymes.

  8. I didn't know there were papaya tablets, Tina. I have tried eating papaya when my stomach feels sick, and it does work...but at the same time I also eat bananas.
    Papaya is placed on some commercial soaps and beauty products and they claim it makes for a fairer complexion.

  9. That hair stuff must smell really good.

  10. It only has a mild, sweet smell, Christina :)

  11. You tell such interesting things, Mimi! I don´t have papayas but avocados, and I guess the effect must be similar.
    I love your horse, same name as my cute dog that passed away.
    Hugs Mimi

  12. Oh Vik, your Petra was adorable!
    (My brother named the, the name is sometimes comical and associated with an ordinary girl)

    I have tried avocado as hair conditioner and facial too...back when we had a good harvest of the fruit from our tree here. It was effective as well :)


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