Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ivory shawl swatch

This is for those who want to make the Ivory shawl by Mani di Fata, and for Swapna, who asked how to make the horizontal clusters.
Hopefully, this swatch I made will be helpful. This is a lovely shawl and is easy to make once you know the flower motif pattern.

Ivory Shawl swatch
Note: beginning ch 4 counts as 1st tr.
Row 1: Ch 61, tr in 9th ch from hook, (ch 3, skip 3 ch, tr on next ch) repeat across.
Row 2: Ch 7, turn. Tr on next tr. *Ch 4, 3 tr-cluster on top of last tr made, skip 3 ch, 4 tr-cluster on next tr, ch 4, 3 tr-cluster on top of previous horizontal tr-cluster, skip 3 ch, tr on next tr, (ch 3, skip 3 ch, tr on next tr**) twice, repeat from * two more times, ending at ** on last rep, dtr on last tr.
Row 3: Ch 5, turn. Tr on next tr, *ch 3, 4 tr- cluster on top of next vertical tr-cluster, (ch 3, tr on next tr**) 3 times, repeat from * two more times, ending at ** on the last rep. Ch 3, tr on last tr.
Follow the diagram on the pattern to make the succeeding rows.

This is my swatch after finishing row 2.

And this is how it looks like after working 4 rows.

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  1. Ohh, that is a beautiful stitch combination!

  2. It looks like it would make for a beautiful shawl.

  3. Once the shawl is completed it will looks so airy and beautiful with the flower detail. Thanks for the lovely compliment on my dress.

  4. Wow! It's a beautiful design. So dainty and fresh! Thanks for simpifying the chart. Did I tell you I love working with charts? Don't you think they make things so much easier and reduce the language barriers?

  5. This is beautiful!

  6. wow. i never learned much about crochet but yours is really lovely.

  7. Chic, delicate, very pretty.

  8. himimi, i did a bolero based on this pattern, thx for making it easy for me ;-) and yeah, same color as your thread as i have 3 balls of that..ill show you the pic when i have time...soon i hope

  9. I'm sure your bolero is pretty...I can't wait to see it, Ria!


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