Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New goals, new designs in crochet

Somehow, designing and writing up the patterns for the purpose of selling them doesn't appeal so much to me now. I still want to crochet more as a hobby, and to see good projects come to life - whether it is from another's pattern or from my own, that is what keeps me excited about this hobby. There are tons of lovely designs throughout the internet - and though I haven't seen it all, I'm seeing way too many than I can handle. Russian, Brazilian and Japanese crochet designs are my favorite. But because of the language barrier, trying to recreate their designs is a big challenge. They have such an amazing skill, however, to make detailed diagrams and charts...which make the pattern quite understandable.
So I have set some new goals of creating projects from these designs. When I first started designing garments, it was because I hardly could find any accessible project that fits today's fashion, and at the same time can be made with the cotton threads that are available here. After two years, a lot has changed thanks to internet technology, and I've discovered a lot of patterns (most of them are free, yay!), and best of all can be made from cotton thread :)
I may still come up with some ideas of my own, and write up patterns (a few are brewing, btw) but I definitely won't stress myself out doing it.

Now on to a new WIP. I recently saw an FO, a bolero/shrug made by Judy (see it on Ravelry). When I saw a reference to the pattern, I became interested. I imagined the project using my Cannon threads and 2mm or 3/0 (2.25mm) hook, which are what I usually use with the threads. I couldn't resist starting off this project, because Judy offered help. With some english translation, the pattern becomes much easier to follow. Then again, with this pattern, I found some ways to modify the crochet process in my own style. So far, so good...

More details on Ravelry

Btw, the gray cropped cardigan is coming along as planned ;)


  1. Ooo! I like that shrug!

    It is more enjoyable to crochet when you don't feel like you *have* to~ for one reason or another... At least that is how I feel. :)

  2. The shrug looks cute love the stitches. Love the gray cardigan great job.:)

  3. The shrug looks great! Congrats on being able to redefine your goals are. Its never easy to change goals.

  4. I couldn't see the grey cardigan last time I was here, it looks great! Is it almost done? Can't wait to see it. :)

  5. The bolero is coming along nicely, and I really like the shrug. Enjoy your new crochet outlook. :-)

  6. Thanks all! I'm still sewing up the sleeves on the gray cardigan. Hopefully, my sister will still have time to model it for me after I'm done...

  7. Glad to hear that with the internet technology you will be able to create more beautiful garments. The shrug sleeve is coming along nicely and the cardigan is lovely. Thank You for the lovely compliment on my Skirt & Top.

  8. I think your new crochet outlook is a wise one - prevents design burnout.

    The gray cardigan is fabulous!

    Oh, and I figured out why sometimes I can't leave a comment - that's when blogger is busy with someone else leaving you a comment!!


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