Saturday, July 19, 2008

Major Repairs...

Doesn't just hearing those words give one a headache?
Our vehicle and our house need some repairs, not really major - but in terms of my budget, its major for me :p
Oh well...but I still consider myself lucky when it comes to not being stranded on the streets with a flat tire, or with a car that won't start or any other car trouble (knock on wood...) Because every time my (now 9 yr. old) car breaks down, its at home in the garage.
And I don't even know a thing about cars :p
I am borrowing my brothers' bigger vehicle and I do find more drivers giving way...hehe...

Anyway, while I'm staying here at home today, my son and his band mates are preparing for their first formal live performance tonight at Kampai. Before this they had their first public performance on the auditions, with 3 songs all in Filipino. (They have videos in their multiply site)

Tonight they have a new song and its in English.
I'm a big fan, of course ;)


  1. Repairs can be a scary word for a budget. God luck to your son's band!

  2. Yeah for your son and his band! Have a great Saturday night!

  3. I know all about repairs just lately.... since we were gone, someone backed into my car and put a dent in the hood, scratched the whole driver's side, then our air conditioner in our house broke (not good in 108* weather....) :(

    Your son's band is great!! Even though I don't know filipino, it sounded good. I will show my guitar playing son, too. ;P (Is your son the guy on the left w/ the red guitar?)

  4. Applause *** Applause to your son & his band.

  5. Anonymous28 July, 2008

    Bummer about your car but congrats to your son and his band! How exciting!


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