Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still on Crochet....

Hi! Hope everyone's well, and thanks to all who left comments on my recent posts :)
I've been very slow lately, no FO to show yet. I also caught the flu, which I seldom do, and only because I went out in the rain for a few seconds to get to the car :p
Anyways, I don't feel sick anymore and I wanted to find something to blog about today so I went browsing a little. I did find a couple of big time people in crochet:

Todd Paschall who does portraits in crochet. He also teaches and sells patterns. I am considering embarking on this kind of crochet.

To have something like this in my bedroom:

Or maybe a portrait of my dear this kids' portrait, so adorable:

How about being able to knit and crochet garments that can sell by as much as $10,000 like Mihaela Manitiu?
I looked at every item on her catalog and found so many AWESOME creations:
This one's my favorite:
Silk Top, $900.

Her other creations in crochet include:
Green poncho, $650.

Black Shawl, $900.

This stunning dress at $4,000!

This pricey vest at $350.

...I'll leave you drooling on those for now ;)


  1. I like the apple green poncho very much!
    I hope you´re feeling better and that the awful flu is over.

  2. I love the silk top! Wow! I can see me in that.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I am totally loving the crochet picture, I wish I can totally try that one day. You just may can give it a try yourself. Loving the dress cute. Good luck on finding you something to crochet up. Feel better soon

  4. Hi
    I don`t think your creations are that far away from Mihaela Manitiu quality absolutely not... but the crochet portraits thats the big adventure i would not even dream of crocheting something like that... fantastic! maybe when my little ones got much bigger I can try myself!
    Take care!

  5. Anonymous14 July, 2008

    Oh my goodness!! I can't believe how high those prices are! There are plenty of items I've seen on ravelry that are just as good or better, and sell for a heck of a lot less. Amazing! You should raise your prices!! ;-)
    I think I like the black shawl the best.

    I was admiring Todd's work some time ago and wish I had the patience to finish one of those. I know I can do it, but with procrastination factored in, it would take me years! lol

    I hope you feel better soon Mimi. :-)

  6. I can't believe the prices on those, either. I'm sorry you had the flu. Hope you are feeling better by now! :)


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