Saturday, August 09, 2008

Crochet Updates

At last, I have an update on my website! Its been a year since I last showed my projects there. You've already seen most of it, but might have missed something too ;)

For a WIP update, here's the latest. Its another one of my previous bag design. I want it in a light beige color, and I'm going to combine Catania yarn and Cannon thread.
I signed this up for the Ravelympics, so I'd have to finish it within the time frame. The challenge for me with this bag, is that all the hdc sts are much harder on the hand and take longer to finish. I chose the hdc only because it looks a lot better than dc stitches.

Then...I didn't have anything else in mind to start on, till I saw this:

Its a free pattern from a talented designer, Martina from Czech Republic. It is so pretty, and I can use my Cannon threads :)
Well I haven't started on it yet - I'm still frogging a discarded bag project so I can use the brown thread. Its a slow process - since I've crocheted 3 strands of thread together :p


  1. Good luck with the ravelympics! I love that bag, and the tunic is really cute.

  2. I saw that tunic also and thought it was adorable!

  3. I love that bag and no I did not forget it-I dropped it off on Super Bowl Sunday for my brother's fiance to line it-I haven't been back since and she still hasn't done it. They're getting married next month and once that's over, I will ask about it. I mentioned it to her over July 4th at their other house and said she could just give it back to me and I would handsew the lining because I was afraid she would lose the toggle part that wasn't sewn on, but she insisted she would do it.


    Good luck with the bag~

  4. Thank you Zu, Christina and Deneen!
    I've used my rust-colored sack bag often and I'm getting tired of its color. But I like that its easy to open and close, so I'm making another one ;)

  5. Good luck. I join in on the Crochet Games on the Ville just like what you is doing have to be done by the 24th. Good luck.:)

  6. I hope you do well with the olympics thing. I am always too scared I will never finish so I don't sign up for those things. (Sigh...)

    The top looks cute. :)

  7. Good luck on the ravelympics, I didn't participate, right now I have so many things on my plate, but looking forward to the FOs.

    That Croche Tunic is gorgeous, I'm looking for a crochet pattern to use up my thread stash, but something easy. Do you have anything in mind? There I go adding another project to my to do

  8. Goodluck on the Ravelympics... I know you can make it on time....


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