Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bazaar selling...

Better luck next time is all we can say...but at least we had a little fun and got busy over the weekend. We were also glad to be able to show support to Project Brave Kids' activities. I took some souvenir photos and have some to share.

Here's my friend, as we prepare our items.

(See the small cabinet where I put the boxes of Cannon thread? I requested any spare cabinet just a few days before, and the people at Coats were so generous in helping me out. They had it delivered last Friday.)

We really did not know what to expect, but was a little disappointed that nothing much happened. Sunday was supposed to be the busier day, but it rained the whole afternoon and evening - no fun :p

I went over the booth of the Habing Buhay moms and was so glad to see their items neatly displayed. They were able to sell several items during the bazaar.

Aside from cell phone cozies, here's what I made a few days before the event:
I intended it to be a pitcher cover, but it can also be used as a doily. The lilac and brown color is Catania cotton and the yellow is two strands Cannon thread.

Btw, there were some celebrities who went and entertained the kids and their families, and some who shopped. Ms. Miriam Quiambao was there and we saw her buying some native bags. Our helper asked her for a shot and she graciously obliged.

And here's our own celebrity, Daisy's chihuahua, Sugar. I wasn't able to get a good shot of her at the bazaar, so I got this picture from Daisy's blog.

She's wearing a Santa shirt designed and made by Daisy. She has made a few more and is selling it on her Etsy shop.

Lastly, here's my thoughtful son and his g.f. who stopped by to cheer me up :)


  1. Hi mi, Thank you for bringing me to the was a different experience but altogether fun(even without much of a sale:)Good thing you took pictures...

  2. Thanks Daisy for being such good company and business partner! Also for your friends and family for their generous support ;)

  3. Looks like it was fun even with the rain....I'm a little jealous of the warm weather you have ( coats)as it's coat, hat, scarf and gloves time here! Lucy

  4. Wow, it looks like so much fun, even though you didn't sell anything. I used to do the Farmer's Market a long time ago, it was the same for me. Except one day when I sold two purses and made $60 on them. All your things look nice lined up and so colorful.

  5. Wow, how fun! maybe next year you can sell more. Lovely pics!!

  6. It looks like you had fun and alot of great items.

  7. :o those pitcher covers are super nice~

  8. btw I'm AzureChango on ravelry ^^;;; forgot to add that

  9. your son girlfriend very pretty :) Can become your model

  10. Agh! I wasn't able to visit you! Work has been crazy kasi, but your socks are finished and can be viewed at my site. When we meet, do you think I could buy a copy of the slippers pattern?

    Belated happy birthday :)

  11. How fun, Mimi! I´m sure next time more people will show up and weather will help!
    How nice from your son and g.f. to go visit you! Daisy is very cute!

  12. Hi Mi,

    I really envy your time doing all these. i'm also having a nice time here in singapore, but still can't find the time to sit and just is still the same here work and community just another thing that added up to color my life...see my photos in my blog.haven't updated my blog much also since i arrived here.but good i have my laptop now so i can blog or email anytime...merry christmas!


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