Sunday, November 09, 2008

Crochet Update

Not much creativity here lately...but just want to post to update my blog and my blog viewers :)
I finished another pair of slippers using my pattern, but won't show a picture yet since its for a private swap ;)

Other than the slippers, the only recent project I'm doing is a black shrug that was ordered from me. It isn't hard to do even in black, since its going to be light and lacy. Here it is, I'm now on the 2nd ball of size 8 Cannon thread.

I would also like to show my recent yarn purchase. Not much, but its the first time I bought fromDreams yarn shop in Glorietta. I was fortunate to have been able to visit the store, since I rarely go to Makati. I was also lucky to be able to meet the owner, Ms. Lilli de Leon, though we didn't have much time to talk. When I told her I designed for Coats, she was so glad to meet me in person :) She gave me some discount on the yarns, but honestly I was overwhelmed at all the imported yarns she had on display, that at first I didn't want to buy. I wouldn't really be able to decide which one is practical, and was also in a hurry since my companions are not interested in yarns and are waiting outside :p But I thought, what the heck - I should just buy a few yarns since I'm already there.
So I thought I'd try a different yarn texture, but again played safe with the color.
I had sling bags in mind when I bought these:

The unlabeled yarn seems nice at first, but back home I did not like it. Also, I wouldn't be able to use it for designing a new pattern. I wound it into two cones the next day, since I know if I kept it in the closet like that, the more I won't want to use it. It was too darn difficult to wind since the yarn was so slippery...but now its ready and waiting to be made into a small bag.

Meanwhile, I also tidied up my craft closet a bit. I then rediscovered a few thread ornaments I made about 15 years ago. These can be made as wedding souvenirs or tree ornaments:

I vaguely remember the pattern for the Angel came from an old magazine, but I made some modifications. The bell, hat and basket were made from my own patterns. The pattern for the hat is on my free patterns, while the patterns for the bell and basket is yet to be dug out of my old pattern files...


  1. Dreams is a treasure chest in old Glorietta. I had a tough time finding it when I was there in June. My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw all the yarns! My kids kept shaking their heads at me and atone point even stepped a few inches away from me!

    Those wedding souvenirs are lovely! Definite heirlooms.

    I really want to learn how to crochet properly, I think I got the basics right but I don't know how to read from a pattern. WOuld you be able to help from afar?

  2. The thread ornaments I thought were surprisingly easy to work..I made a whole barbie wedding dress once with the fine thread.

  3. Thank you for sharing so much. I'm new at blogging but will be posting tutorials and patterns as I go along. So nice to be able to help others!
    Marguerite from Montréal, Canada

  4. the ornaments are sooo cute! Love the yarn too especially the cocoa coloured one.

  5. Wow, that unlabeled yarn is pretty!!!!

  6. Love the slippers and ornaments. I haven't made ornaments in years! I should do some this year. Or maybe start doing them and hope to be finished next year. ;-)

  7. WHat a beautiful surprise to find your ornaments. They look beautiful and you'd never know they were made so long ago.

  8. I can't wait to see how that shrug turns out. Think that sling bag will go nice with that yarn. Good luck.:) After 15 years oh wow those ornaments still looks great. :)

  9. I always have a hard time deciding which yarn to buy when I go into a yarn store, too. Unless I have something specific in mind beforehand. Your thread ornaments still look good! I think I have made similar ones, too; except the bell. Can't wait to see the finished shrug, and the slippers; too.

  10. Mimi, I tagged you on my blog. :)

  11. Like your blog. Please sign me up to get it so I can see what you are crocheting.

  12. Hi, do you accept mass orders for wedding souvenirs? I kinda like the basket. I'd appreciate it if you will get back to me. There's a chatbox on my blog where you can leave me a msg. Thanks!


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