Monday, March 16, 2009

Crochet Monday and the blues...

Its a nice, quiet, good-weather day for crochet. I have not spent much time for it lately...But the shrug I'm making didn't have to take 3 weeks to finish - my mind just wandered off many times.
I finished the last round (or so I thought...), yesterday. Then I decided I could add one more round to the edging - which means frogging the final round and doing another repeat round. Two more rounds and its finally done. However, I'm only halfway through with the pattern :p
Also today, I took out my new camera. I got it last November, but haven't quite learned how to use it. I'm really not so into photography and high tech gadgets to begin with. Its a shame, but I'll probably just use the automatic mode most of the time.

From the ground looking up, I took a shot of my Mom's bougainvillea plant which grew up to their bedroom window (the one on the right), and she let it have its way. It was a sturdy plant and didn't need much care...(I'm not into growing plants either :p)
Looking at it makes me so sad, but there's some comfort in it as if Mom is still there appreciating the simple beauty of the flowers, and looking at us through the window...

That wasn't a good picture though, I'll try again some other time.
I did play a little more with the camera. It has a video feature too, but for now I can only take less than half-a-minute vids until I get a memory card. I tried to take my own little video, of me crocheting while watching TV. And I was quite proud of myself that I was able to edit it too, using Windows Movie Maker program for the very first time! If I didn't edit it, you'd see 5 secs. of my hand moving towards the camera to shut it off :p


  1. I like your video! I can make a video on my camera (if I get my book out and re-read how to); but no sound. I still haven't figured everything out with my new camera but it isn't that great of one, anyway. I can't figure out all this new tech stuff, either. I have to have my kids or my husband help me. Even then half the time I just don't get it... :P

    I love the picture of the bougainvillea and window. :)

  2. You've got fast hands Mimi! Another shrug design Mimi?

    I've been wanting to buy a point and shoot for Una so we can have spontaneous photoshoots wherever we go. The bulky DSLR have some huge disadvantage but I still love it. I'm still thinking if we should get a P&S this time or buy my first sewing machine. I still am confused to what I prefer most.

  3. Thanks Tina! I am quite intimidated with the techie stuff, but maybe I'll be able to learn a few tricks from the manual - once I get to read it ;)
    I hope you can share a little video too :)

    Hi Gene, thanks!
    Yes, its another shrug design, but this time I won't submit it to Coats anymore...Maybe in a week I'll have the pattern ready and available for sale.
    Its a tough decision - I too would be torn between a camera and a sewing machine. Both are needed for our artistic skills ;)

  4. Nice camera! I need a new one myself, and love techie stuff. ;-)

  5. I love your camera!! And that plant is gorgeous, I saw one similar to that when we were in Oria last summer.

  6. Hey, you did good! By the way, I hold my crochet hook the same as you. Thanks for commenting on my baby booties.

  7. OMG, I love that picture you took...I'm always looking for pretty desktop backgrounds...I change mine every week...that would be beautiful! You are so talented. As for the video, we need to see your smiling face as you enjoy crocheting next time!!!

  8. Thank you Zu, Angela, Judy!

    Hi Lucy, I'm glad you liked the pic!
    I'm so camera! didn't really plan on sharing the video, but since my face was not seen, I thought it was a good idea :D

  9. Hello Mimi! It was really a pleasure to know you and your blog - you have so nice crafts and this photo of your Mom's home with that faboulous "buganvilia" flowers is superb - I loved that! Thank you for sharing wiht us! I'll add you blog at my favorites so I'll be back to see you again! God bless you and have a great week ahead. Love, Deborah :)

  10. Hi Deborah, thank you for adding me to your favorites! I enjoyed looking at your blog and will come back too :)

  11. I love your Bougainvillae shoot. I think it's pretty. Yeah, I am also lazy to learn to take better photos. I just put on the auto setting most of the time.


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