Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My obscure patterns and Etsy update for sellers

Some of you may want to know how my pattern sales are doing. I can only say that in the past several months, I sell xx patterns a month through my website, Etsy shop and Ravelry store combined. But I am a little pleased with it, since I didn't expect much to begin with, and I also only invested a little money (though much time and effort) to get it going.
This next bit of info made me stop and think a little. Based on Ravelry statistics, all my patterns are obscure - less than a 100 projects and less than 200 queued. I have to disagree on the numbers since crocheter membership in Ravelry does not represent a good amount of crocheters worldwide. Nor do all of the existing members post their projects or link to the patterns.

Anyways, on the bright side I can say:
1. Currently, 3 of my shrug patterns are in the popular crocheted shrugs list -
* Shells and Flowers Shrug
* Breezy Shrug
* Little Cotton Shrug
2. Local sales of my designs by Coats Manila Bay in the past two years are doing fine. (Though it could have been better if they had released the 3 more patterns they had on hand for more than a year already!)

3. I am still motivated to make new designs, and optimistic that my pattern sales will go up :)

Btw, here's good news to Etsy sellers. You can now pay your Etsy bill using your paypal account. That's a great improvement esp. for international sellers, who are charged bank service fees everytime they pay Etsy (read about it here).


  1. Congrats on the sales! I'm positive they'll steadily get better and better over time.

    I am so happy etsy has started this. It's about doggone time! ;-)

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  3. have to remove the previous comment, because there's a typo heheheheh.... i have to repost it here..... i love all your designs and I look forward to your new patterns..... congrats on the sale.....

  4. Congratulations!

  5. I'd say your patterns are definitely NOT obscure. Your designs are really cute and they have things for every taste. You're a great designer and I admire your skills.

  6. Having made several of your patterns, I can say I adore them .I think they are cute and practical.You are so talented Mimi

  7. Thank goodness they added paypal option, much easier. Now, if they would only add shipping calculations, I would be in heaven :)

  8. Same with you Mimi, my sales also XX every month, I am wondering whether I can hit XXX in the future :)

  9. Thanks so much my crochet and blogging buddies!
    You've been such a good source of inspiration and encouragement :)

    Lily, I'm very far from the xxx sales...I bet you are doing much better ;) Thanks again for the encouragement you gave me to sell on Etsy.

  10. hi maam mimi. im a avid fan of your works..and i just bought your pattern (shell halter top) im having difficulty on the pattern top half...it says on row6-25 increasing 4 sts and 2 sts, respectively per row,it will end with 125(133)..how come i counted each i end up with 154 for the bigger size...

    and can you share the pattern of natural boucle bag on this site http://berriesandbugs.blogspot.com/search/label/FOs... :) pls... hehehhe...

  11. im planning to buy the flower and shell shrug next week...still saving up some money for it..

    hope you release your pattern of twisted wrap, and sage cardigan...my mom would really love to wear one of those...

    and do you have any local sale anchor size10 thread? my city is way behind the real world..its like 20 yrs behind everything...
    all yarns, threads and hooks are limited...

    hope to hear something from you soon..

    iligan city

  12. Hi Rachel, thank you for your comments!
    Regarding your question on the Shell Halter Top, I hope you can try again from the start and check your sts count per row. For the large size, here are the per row counts up to row 25:
    Row 1 - 61 sc
    2 - 65 hdc
    3 - 67 sc
    4 - 71 hdc
    5 - 73 sc
    6 - 77 hdc
    7 - 79 sc
    8 - 83 hdc
    9 - 85 sc
    10 - 89 hdc
    11 - 91 sc
    12 - 95 hdc
    13 - 97 sc
    14 - 101 hdc
    15 - 103 sc
    16 - 107 hdc
    17 - 109 sc
    18 - 113 hdc
    19 - 115 sc
    20 - 119 hdc
    21 - 121 sc
    22 - 125 hdc
    23 - 127 sc
    24 - 131 hdc
    25 - 133 sc

  13. thank you so much ...

    i cant wait to show you after im done making it...

    thanks again!
    god bless!


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