Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day and a tribute to a metal sculptor

April 22 is earth day...I love it when Google comes up with such cute logos to remind us of significant events.
I didn't do anything to celebrate, though. But the weather did remind me too of the earth and our vulnerability. In the middle of summer here, it suddenly rains! The day started sunny, and in the afternoon it turned gloomy. The strong rains lasted less than an hour, but showed that nature has more power on us than we are conscious of. Its sad how we unconsciously destroy it thru depletion of natural resources, trash, pollution, and much more...

This April I'm also reminded of someone I didn't really know, but a year ago, (in April 2008) he died in a tragic motorcycle accident in Dallas, Texas. He is Thomas Davidson, 38, a metal sculptor. I found out about his death when I followed up on his order of a Japanese crochet book. He wanted the hat on there, and I think he'd ask his mom to make him one. The book I mailed was not claimed at the P.O. there so it was sent back to me. I emailed him asking why he didn't get the book, and his mom emailed back informing me of the tragedy that struck them. It was so happened on his way home from the opening of his exhibit of metal sculptures at an art gallery :( (more on this post)


  1. I love the cute logos too
    How sad about the sculptor.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog Mimi. These last few months haven't been very inspiring for me especially after I came back from visiting my family in Australia. I suddenly became depressed and lost interest in all my hobbies. Things are getting better now that it's spring and I have started "producing" again. It feels good!
    I see that you are always coming up with new great projects. Keep up the good work!
    Rita. :)

  3. That's so sad about the metal sculptor.

  4. Oh Mimi, what a tragic story about the metal sculptor. It reminds me that although we don't know that person, somehow a certain part of his life entangled with yours.

  5. That is true Lily, especially with very creative people. In my own little way, I could help show his work to a few other people around the world...who otherwise would not have known it. Its so sad, that the artist's work is given more attention when he has passed away.


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