Sunday, April 19, 2009

More on the Romantic Shrug and my latest crochet project

Same picture as this one, different effect ;)
Want to polaroid your pictures too? Its a free download I found here.

My latest shrug design is fast-becoming popular (by my standards)...hehehe...over at Ravelry, 114 have favorited the pattern, 32 have queued it. That isn't a good indication of sales though, but I'm quite satisfied with how its coming along ;)
I would like to thank those who are making the shrug as of now. Bheng, who went over to my house so she could get more tips and buy my extra Tulip hook (the same hook that I used for the shrug); Tin(who is the fastest crocheter of shrugs that I know of...) and Tina, who wants so much to finish the shrug but needs some more photo illustrations. I would very much like to do it now, but...
I still have to make 3x more of these:

Or a total of 40 pcs of souvenirs:

I need to finish it by Friday :p
I'll show here the finished product when its all done ;)


  1. Congratulations on this new design, Mimi!!!
    VERY pretty shrug!

  2. Oooo, are they wedding favors/souveniours? :P They look cute. I hope you can get them finished in time. That is sad news about the sculptor.

  3. Hi Tina! I finished only 30 pcs...neatly packed ;) I am still making some more, even though the party is niece will get it later.


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