Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Favorites

What's your favorite TV show to watch while crocheting?
Lately my favorites are: American Idol, Rachel Ray, Ellen, and some old sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends.

Last night my younger son and I watched the Celebrity Apprentice, which we look forward to every week. (Its last year's Celebrity Apprentice...)
I'm hoping I could pick up some tips on how to think out of the box.
Since the program is very interesting, I managed to crochet only a few rows of the shrug I'm making ;)

Favorite Flip flops?

This should be it, since its comfortable and durable. I think its quite pricey, and overrated. I couldn't afford to buy it yet... However, my son got it for me ;)

Favorite Theme

For some years I have neglected the appearance of my bedroom. (Btw, bedroom for me is also computer and work station, supplies and yarn storage room) It now badly needs a makeover!
Before I can actually have it painted and decorated, (1) I will have to set aside a budget...right now, I only have a small fraction of what I need to do a real makeover. (2) I will have to do a lot of decluttering and cleaning myself.
(3) I will have to decide on the color and theme.
The last one would be the easiest to do, so I'll start with that ;) One of my favorite colors is green, and the theme that I would love is nature. Maybe a flower garden, or just leaves...I'm not sure yet.
With the little budget I have, I decided to do some shopping. A bit impulsive I know, but when I was over at Etsy last Wednesday, I browsed and found a couple of items for my theme. I bought this piece of fabric, and this piece of metal charm. Don't know how I could use it, but who knows it might spark some creativity...I also collected pictures of nature-inspired rooms:


  1. I like your idea for your bedroom. Our bedroom is also, craft area and needs de-cluttering. My husband doesn't complain about it, thank goodness. It also needs a makeover. I haven't really thought about a new them/color scheme yet, though.

  2. I like the fabric and charm you picked out. The charms could be incorporated into lamp switch pulls or ceiling fan pulls. If I were choosing, I really like the middle bedroom pic!

    Good luck with the decluttering. I know I've needed to do some of that myself for ages, but I just never seem to be able to. Have fund with your decorating!

  3. Hi Tina! Unlike you, I guess I don't have any excuse for the cluttered room. You still have kids, and your hubby as well. Maybe your hubby has a nice comfy corner where he could relax, so he doesn't complain...

    Hi V, thank you for your suggestions :)
    I do like the middle bedroom pic, maybe I will start with a green and white color and then add on to it...

    I think I'm going to be able to focus now towards decluttering and decorating, since I love the theme that I chose ;)

  4. Have fun redecorating your room, Mimi!
    BTW my favourite TV now is Damages with Glenn Close!

  5. Thank you Vik! I've posted about it here to remind me of what I have to do :p

    I'll have to find out if Damages is being shown here on our cable TV ;)

  6. My favorite show to watch while crocheting is Lost. It hss to be an easy pattern though, so I can pay full attention.

    My bedroom is also like a storage room!

  7. Hi Christina! My older son is also a fan of Lost.

    I'll have to find a way to make the room nice, and still use it for storage. The biggest problem is getting rid of junk...

  8. My room also my bedroom, office, craftroom, my children playroom, library, and Lauri's gallery for her painting. You just can imagine how crowded it is and how messy.

  9. I think I know how it is Lily :D
    My sons were also crafty and loved books, and we also usually hangout in the master bedroom when they were kids ;) It was a bit frustrating to crochet and knit at that time.
    Now I can claim the room for my own. It can get boring or lonely, so it really needs a makeover...


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