Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catania Shrug, crochet FO

Same striped effect as the Simply Striped Shrug, but made with Catania cotton yarn and size 2.5mm hook. This surely works up faster than the thread version, and its warmer too.
The pattern is called Simply Striped Catania Shrug and its available here on Ravelry ;)
I'm wearing the green sleeveless top with crochet trim, which I bought in 2006 in HK. (almost forgot I had it...) I love green and I admire the finely crocheted motif edging.


  1. It looks great in cotton yarn, too. I like those colors together. :) Now I want to hurry up and finish mine so I can make a brown one. ;)

  2. Thanks Tina :)
    I've always liked brown...and read somewhere that brown is the new black ;)

  3. Brown brings out the warm tones in the skin... especially in the daytime.

  4. Oh, I didn't know there is a cotton called Catania! How strange, Catania is the name of a city at about 2 hours from where I live. It's a pretty name for a pattern though! :)


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