Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Crochet Designs from Coats Manila Bay!

Remember this tunic?

This cropped cardigan:

And, this skirt?

Its been ages ago, now finally the printed patterns are out!

You can find these 3 patterns available in your local craft store. But you can also order it from me...(please email me if you're interested.)

This is the sample tunic which I submitted to Coats:

(the black one I made is at least 4 inches longer at the bottom...)

Here is a close-up of the sleeve...I made this in contrasting color just to show the unique sleeve construction. I like it so much! Its also relatively easy to do, since it is crocheted directly to the armhole. And you don't have to do all the trial and error that I made, since you can just follow my instructions ;)

Here's what Riohnna made for herself in large size:

She finished this in October 2008. She did such a good job of testing the pattern... this is the first wearable she made ;)


  1. All of these are wonderful...a lot of hard work, I know! I especially love the tunic

  2. Congratulations on your new pattern release......

  3. Congrats Mimi! Those patterns are awesome!

  4. Congrats on your patterns, Mimi! The cap sleeve looks cute and it's fantastic idea to avoid seaming.

  5. Those are are a talent!!!!

  6. hi..i'm danyka also from the philippines and recently been addicted on doing crochet projects (especially crocheted dolld and bags). but i'm still new to this stuffs. just want to ask to where can i buy different size of hooks and thread.. im from metro manila... where is the nearest store where i can buy those?

  7. pahabol lang... please help me.. i really want to know where..... danyka

  8. Hi Danyka, you can buy crochet supplies and notions at any SM department store. The available stocks will vary at different branches, but they all have local yarns and threads (mostly Monaco threads), and some crochet hooks.

  9. What fantastic patterns! I'm particularly in love with that tunic, is it a tricky pattern?

  10. Thanks! Glad you asked about the tunic...I wouldn't think of it as tricky. The only special stitch is the crossed dc's. Other than that its mostly dc's.

  11. Hi! I just came across your page and I love your blog and patterns! I thought it was so funny cuz my nickname is Mimi too and I'm Filipino! Actually I'm half Filipino. My mom is from Tuburan, Cebu. I just started crocheting and I hope I can get good enough to make my own patterns. I'll probably be visiting your blog often! keep up the beautiful work!

  12. Thanks Mi and everyone for stopping by my blog...
    Glad to have new visitors too.
    Haven't paid much attention to updating here, but I would like everyone to visit and join our crochet group on Ravelry: Crochet in the Philippines


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