Saturday, October 03, 2009

Back to nature...

Calamity or not - we Filipinos have a lot to learn, or unlearn. Some of us are aware, but some have to be constantly reminded of this. We need to get back to the basics especially in times of crisis.
This is urgent! In the wake of this recent typhoon calamity in our metropolis, we come face-to-face with this problem. My family was not directly affected, thank God! But I know people who were.
And now I see what effect it has on people around me, particularly Filipinos in general. Things are not going to change and will only get worse if we continue on with our destructive habits! We cannot expect nature to be kind to us, after all the harm we do to it.
Apart from the emotional and physical trauma this calamity has brought about, I immediately thought - this recent turn of events is further hastening the destructive cycle. More plastics, more cans, more trash = more flooding and devastation on the next typhoon.
What are the people's initial reaction - hoard food and supplies! Food - meaning canned goods, mami noodles, yeast breads, other instant foods, bottled water. All these will produced more trash and illness! I say go to the market (and bring your recyclable bag!) buy real, nutritious foods that can be stock up. Kamote, saba banana, kalabasa, potatoes, peanuts, corn, and there's a lot more, including fruits that can last from 3-5 days without refrigeration.
Use of plastics cannot be eliminated at this time, but it can easily be minimized. If we look at our own personal contribution to plastic and paper waste, and our dependence on packaging stuff, we can probably see where we can make our contribution to helping out save our resources and our lives.

I'll share here some grim statistics, from This is in U.S., but lifestyle here in the city is quite similar to theirs.

* Everyday 1,000 Americans are operated on for gallstones. In Africa, only 2 cases have been reported in the last 25 years.
* The incidence of kidney stones in the U.S. has doubled in the past 25 years. The cause, in 75% of the cases is thought to be related to a high sucrose (white sugar) consumption.
* About 70% of American men over the age 60 have prostate problems.
* 30 million Americans have hypertension and are medicated with drugs costing billions. Thirty years ago hypertension was an uncommon problem.
* Cardiovascular disease affects 80% of all Americans.
* 33% of Americans develop cancer.
* Cancer rate is up in America 225% since 1960.
* 77% of the population suffers from arthritic & rheumatoid disorders.
* 25 million suffer with asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema.
* 16 million ulcers and 10 million are migraine headache sufferers.
* Over 50% of Americans suffer with chronic digestive disorders.
* 80 million of us suffer from allergies.
* 22 million citizens of the U.S.A. with mental illness.
* 98.5% of our population have bad teeth and 31 million have no teeth at all. Bad teeth has been related to diabetes.
* 70-80% of our population are overweight and 80 million are classified as obese. Obesity leads to stress on the heart.
* Colon cancer affects more than 20% of American families.
* Heart disease, stroke, hypertension, circulatory problems, arthritis, diabetes, colon, breast, prostate, uterine and other cancers are thought to be caused primarily by animal products, excess protein & fats in the diet.

The answer to many of these the health problems listed above is in eating 'Real Foods'.

What do we mean by 'real foods'? A diet of mainly raw uncooked foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, fresh foods (foods that are still alive). Prepared properly, these foods are delicious and nutritious.
Seriously think about this, if you haven't yet. It might save your life.


  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly! I pray you are well and stay strong during these times.

  2. Mimi, glad to hear you're ok! You're so right about how we destroy the earth and the scary health stats!

  3. Thank God you and your family are okay. I agree with you on every point. Take care.

  4. Thanks everyone for your concern :)

  5. so glad to know that you and your family are fine Mimi.You are so right about the stats.
    Please take care


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