Friday, May 28, 2010

2-TR TOG / 2-Treble together (or treble decrease) Crochet Stitch Tutorial

2-TR TOG / 2-Treble together (or treble decrease)

1. Yarn over hook twice, insert on stitch, and draw up a loop.

2. Yarn over and draw loop thru 2 loops on hook; 3 loops left on hook.

3. Yarn over and insert hook on next stitch, pull up a loop. (You now have 5 loops on hook.)

4. Yarn over and draw thru 2 loops, leaving 4 loops on hook.

5. Yarn over and draw thru 3 loops, leaving 2 loops.

6. Yarn over and draw thru remaining 2 loops.
Tr tog made.


  1. Great step by step pictures, Master Mimi! You should publish a book... think it over!

  2. Thank you Vik!! I am thinking maybe an E-book, but first I must have many stuff to put on it :)

  3. I bought a towel and tried punching holes in it but it wouldn't work. :( I might try doing something else (maybe the towel was too thick), I really want to try your towel topper. :)

    1. Hi Tina, I missed replying to this so here goes. You can sew a blanket stitch on the towel edge as a foundation for the the crochet topper :)

  4. Excellent step by step explanation. Thank you for posting this.


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