Friday, May 28, 2010

End of May, Crochet Update ;)

Hello, how's the weather in your place? Rainy season has just begun here...summer was quite long and hot, so its a welcome change (hope it doesn't rain too hard, though).
Now I think I might be needing my crochet shawls and shrugs more often, and I'm glad to have different styles and colors to choose from ;)
I was able to finish my gray shawl a few days ago, but haven't been able to model it yet. If you want to know how it looks, its the same as this burgundy shawl which I gave to my friend, LV, early this May.

Oops before I forget, thanks to all who greeted me on my 5th blogiversary! To Rachana, Vik, Tin, Lisa, Mary Sarah, Saritha, Pearlin, Bheng, Tina, Christina, Chie, Lily, Yasmin, Daperfectmix and Sis - I really appreciate all your nice comments :)))

After many years of finding wonderful crochet patterns on books and on the internet, and even coming up with my own designs, I have tons of projects lined up. The list goes on and keeps on growing and changing. However, the sudden changes in plans have brought some interesting results ;)
Now I'm working on a Doris Chan design. My initial plan was to learn top-down construction technique no less than from the expert. A few weeks ago I came across her blog, Everyday Crochet, and found a very helpful lesson on the technique. Since I'm new to it, I really did not realize how valuable it was until I actually worked on one of her designs.

The design I picked was the Barcello Jacket. It was made with thicker yarn, so I had to make adjustments in using local cotton thread. It seemed to work, when I tried it on ;)
The lace stitch pattern became smaller with the use of cotton thread, so it can be adapted to make a shrug. I'm currently working on the edging rnds...will show you the finished garment soon!


  1. I agree. Having a few crochet shawls around is great! I love the colors of both the burgandy and the tan.

  2. That's beautiful and I bet it will be perfect in cotton!

  3. The weather in Buenos Aires? We have today a dark and rainy Saturday morning. It seems it will be the same the whole weekend...Guess!... Knitting!

    I love the Barcello Jacket! I can´t wait to see your version using thin cotton!

  4. It is just starting to get hot here. (It's cooler than usual this time of year though..) I can't wait to see the Barcello Jacket finished, it looks great so far!

  5. Really cool nice and breeze. Great job.

  6. I love your version of this pattern. I know it'll be fabulous when you're done. Can't wait to see it! I love in Las Vegas and we had a rather mild spring, but I think summer is here now. It's getting hot!


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