Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Stuff...

These past few weeks, and the next several weeks is all messed up at home :p Whatever, its mostly beyond my control. So I just do the thing that keeps me out of trouble (or most probably keeps my mind off it) - crochet.

I've just finished a new design, but can't show it yet. But I can tell you its a cap sleeve cardigan, made in one piece from the top to the bottom, and I like it a lot ;)

Also worth mentioning, I've got me two knitting books at Booksale store...couldn't resist the price of only P40. each - Knitted Sock Sensations and Naughty Needles, both have patterns and instructions suitable for the less experienced knitter like me.
In a used clothing store, I bought one pullover just because its handknitted and the yarn is very nice. If I don't get to wear it, I can rip and reuse the yarn ;)

And here, just off my hook is my next free pattern offering - a santa hat. Coming soon...

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  1. Keeping busy with a hook is the best way to keep out of trouble! Hope all calms down soon.

    That is such a cute Santa hat!


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