Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crochet a Santa Hat - free pattern

Playful Santa Hat
by Mimi Alelis, © 2010
An easy and fun holiday project to make for anyone in the family.
Pattern/project details on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/playful-santa-hat

Note: this pattern has been slightly modified as of December 2017, to improve the shaping and fit. I'll upload recent projects soon as available.

Sizes: Adult (child)
Red Heart 3-ply yarn (or other locally available acrylic yarn), 4 (3) skeins (15gm each) red, 2 skeins white
Crochet Hook size 4mm.
Gauge: 9 sts and 4 rows in dc = 2 inches
Stitches used:
ch = chain, sc = single crochet, hdc = half-double crochet, dc = double-crochet
dc2tog = [Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, yo and pull up loop, yo, draw through 2 loops] 2 x, yo, draw through all loops on hook.

Note: Ch 2 at the beginning of hdc rows count as hdc.
Row 1: With white yarn, ch 14 (11), hdc in 3rd ch from hook and on each ch across, turn. (13, 10 hdc)
Row 2: Ch 2, hdc in back loop only of each hdc across, turn. (13, 10 hdc)
Rows 3 – onward: Repeat row 2 until it measures 20 (18) inches across rows unstretched, or desired fit around head, ending with an even numbered row (sample shown in adult size is up to 60 rows).
Match the edge of first row with the last row. Join by slip stitching in the back loop of last row and the foundation ch of 1st row, in each st across. Fasten off white.
Note: Crown of hat is worked in a spiral, put a marker at the beg of each rnd, and move the marker up as you go. (You may use a slightly bigger hook for the crown for a looser fit.)
Rnd 1: Attach red on the edge of first row of band, ch 1, sc on same st, (ch 1, sc on edge of next row) repeat around. Ch 1, do not join.
Rnd 2: Sc in 1st sc of rnd 1, hdc in ch1 sp, (2 dc in next ch1 sp, dc in next ch1 sp) repeat around.
Rnd 3: Hdc in sc, dc in hdc, dc in back loop only of each dc around. (Note: from hereon all stitches will be done in back loops only)
Rnd 4: Dc in each dc around.
Rnd 5: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 9th and 10th st.
Rnd 6 & 7: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnd 8: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 7th and 8th st.
Rnd 9 & 10: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnd 11: Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 5th and 6th st
Rnds 12: Repeat rnd 4.
Rnds 13 - 20: Repeat rnd 11 and rnd 4, four times.
Adult size only:
Rnds 21 - 24: Repeat rnd 11 and rnd 4, two times.
All sizes:
Rnd 25 (21):  Dc in each dc, with dc2tog every 3rd and 4th st.
Rnd 26 (22): Dc in each dc around.
Last rnd:
Remove marker; (dc in next 2 dc, dc2tog next 2 dc) repeat continuously, until about 4 sts remain. Fasten off.
Weave in ends. Make a pompom from white yarn and sew at the tip.
(Note: Here's a Google search for making your own pompoms.)

Playful Santa Hat, by Mimi Alelis
(pattern for personal use only, do not copy or post anywhere else)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!

  2. Thanks! Going to make this right away!

  3. Great Santa hat! I will have to make this one soon! Thanks for posting the pattern.

  4. This is so cute. I've made one for my husband, and am working on one for my son. Thanks for sharing!

  5. ¡Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! It's the best santa hat I've found. I linked to it on my blog this morning: http://www.mooglyblog.com/crochet-santa-patterns/

    Have a great holiday!

  7. Such an easy and fun pattern to make :) Thank you so much for sharing!! I have made one for my 16 month old son and will be making one for my 5 y/o daughter, and one for myself.


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