Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moth Wings Shrug at Crochet Me

Yay, they're having a crochet-along of the Moth Wings Shrug at Crochet Me! It will be on-going from April to May, so you still have time to purchase the materials and get your gauge.
And if you don't have the pattern yet, you may want to order the back issue of Interweave Crochet Summer 2010 magazine here, or you can purchase an instant download of the Moth Wings Shrug pattern here.

Please note: if you're making the bigger sizes, there's a correction on the layout as I've already explained in this post.

Come join, and you can practice making motifs and joining them as you go. Looking forward to see project pics on the crochet-along!


  1. I saw that Mimi! It's so exciting! If I didn't have so many projects going... :/

  2. Plus maybe you will get a few more sales! (Hee hee!!) Did you see all the comments on there already? :0 I was wondering what size thread did you use for the original? (People are saying the thread mentioned isn't available...) I was just thinking maybe size 10 thread? :)

  3. Yes its exciting Tina, hope more will join :)) Thanks for pointing out the pattern too ;)
    About the thread, it says lace weight and doesn't say its a size 10, but its comparable to a size 10. The projects I made were of different sizes of thread (size 10, 8, and a 4-ply thread), but they came out same size for me.

  4. Clapping my hands here! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  5. I was so happy when I heard about this! :) Congrats, Ms. Mimi and well-deserved, too! It's definitely one of the cutest shrugs I've seen in quite a while. Still thinking about joining the CAL though...:)

  6. How Wonderful Mimi! I am so excited to see your dream come true :) Hugs

  7. Thanks Claire!! Thanks Pearlin!!
    I would not have thought of being on Interweave if not for all the inspiration I get from this blog, especially the nicest comments from you ladies :))


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