Saturday, April 02, 2011

Summer Crochet and a free pattern

Its summer here and the schoolyear has just ended. Its a given I have more time to crochet, but it seems I'm not so inspired. Its just too warm at times, to even do anything. And though I would love to have made some new stuff for the beach or for summer fashion...its not happening yet. I might not be able to finish up my WIPs designs till May or June :p

But here's a little something that I fancied making, inspired by the colors of the material itself. I found some of my stash of embroidery floss, and the multicolor Anchor brightened up my mood to make some crochet accessories.

Here they are in action ;)
I also had fun editing my photos and it was so easy! I just uploaded the photos on my picasa album, clicked on edit, and it brought me to site where there are plenty of options to edit and create cool photos :)

For the free pattern, you can find it here in my facebook page, and if you go look, you might want to click on "like" too :)


  1. Cute! It's summer where you are?! I have to find out where that is! :-))

  2. Adorable crochet band. Summer cannot get here fast enough! I went to Florida several weeks ago to where is was warm and sunny everyday and came home to a Spring that has been chilly, damp and, at times cold. Hopefully, in the next two weeks, it'll warm up, but oh how I am looking forward to the heat of Summer-bring it on! (PS-what is the average temp for you in your winter season?). School doesn't get out here until late June, but as is par for the course, I tend to make winter items in summer and am handling wool all summer. Is it any wonder why I haven't been feeling crafty lately?

  3. It is mostly warm and sunny here too...the average temperature is from 24˚ Celcius to 31˚ C with humidity of 70% to 85% depending on the time of year. There are two distinct seasons: wet and dry (no winter). Typhoons can come any time (but most of it at the second half of the year) with an average of 25 typhoons affecting different regions. Last year we had few typhoons, and not much rain either. This year they predict the opposite :p

  4. (2 days ago it was almost 80 and yesterday low 30s and light snow and today I am almost afraid to go outside. Typical Boulder, LOL)

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  5. its adorable Mimi! Love it!

  6. I like the barrette in the hair. That looks nice.

  7. Pretty small project! And great idea for the Summer crochet!


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