Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Crochet

Meet my 2nd grandniece, born last March

So cute!
I haven't actually met her though, and would seldom see her since she lives outside of our city :p But when I saw her pictures I really wish I could make something for her...
I did volunteer to make the christening souvenirs, though it was a bit late. I didn't have time to experiment with other designs, so I just played safe and picked a Japanese pattern for a mini bootie. I modified it a bit, and minimized weaving of ends, (which takes up a lot of time since I needed to make 60 pieces of booties!). I planned to make 30 pairs, but fell short by 4 pairs.

Maybe I can share written instructions for these, later.

Btw, I got the free printable gift bag template here. I reduced the size, to print 2 gift bags per sheet. And the souvenir item fits perfectly in it too :)

And here are some of the baby crochet designs that I made a while back. It isn't much, so I hope I can add to it. Also its very warm here, and most booties, hats and mittens might not be of much use.


  1. ooo the baby is sooo cute!
    Love the bootie favours what a great idea!would love the tute Mimi

  2. I love the little baby jacket. And your grandniece is a cutie!! :-)

  3. awww welcome to the world, grandneice!

  4. Amazing - tiny booties for souvenirs. What a lovely idea!

  5. YOU are amazing, Mimi! I can´t believe I am watching all those mini booties, incredible awesome job!

  6. Thanks Vik! Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments! I think I was a bit insane to make all those, but I did enjoy it at some point ;)

  7. Your baby grand niece is so cute! So are all those booties & bags. I know it is very warm here, too; right now. Maybe you would have some cool nights they could be used? :)

  8. Hi Tina, the rainy season seems to have started early...I guess there would be more cool nights coming soon.

  9. Anonymous13 June, 2011

    What a precious little baby! :-)

    Thats a lot of booties, you're fingers must have been flying! hehe

  10. Thanks for stopping by Zu!
    Yes, my fingers were flying and surprisingly it didn't hurt much...there's a great deal of inspiration :)

  11. She is so beautiful ! i have a child on the way my self :] a baby boy :] and that is such a good idea!


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