Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crochet and exercise...

If you Google the health benefits of crocheting you will see many articles that say crocheting is good for you. That is if you don't overdo it...and you know that's often hard to avoid. If you have 3 hours leisure time, you might be crocheting all that time away. Surely you get satisfaction and fun from working on your project, which is good for your mental health. But you might end up with poor circulation, back and joint pains, stiff neck and other physical symptoms related to your sitting down for hours and concentrating on your project. Just be aware of this and take a break every hour or so. Do a bit of stretching exercise, shake your arms and legs, drink a glass of water, take a little walk, get some fresh air and sunshine - all these won't take up much time and you'll feel better and healthier.
If you want to stay in shape, to be physically fit even while staying indoors, there are many activities to choose from. There's no excuse now, since its free and available on the internet. For me, I found the best exercise - the basic belly dancing moves. You don't even have to sweat to benefit from it.


  1. I actually started quite a weight loss journey last year. Granted, over the holidays I slipped a little BUT I did most of my weight loss through running ... and I have yet to figure out how to run and crochet yet *winks*

  2. I actually can relate to this so much. always get carried away while making stuff recently I have had a lot of these problems , and now I feel the need to stretch and exercise to continue doing what I love.

  3. I know, it is so hard to get any exercise in. I have been trying to walk. But then I have to combine it with something like walking the dog (then it isn't very relaxing for me). It doesn't help that I keep baking & then I want to eat what I make... :/ lol..

  4. This is so true! I often lose track of time when I crochet

  5. My mom took belly dancing a long, long time ago. I wonder if she still remembers some of the moves. I like the picture of the bellydancing cat, and especially what she's wearing. Was it crochet? Just kidding!

    I try and take a break from crocheting and knitting. My eyes sometimes start to hurt after staring at a project for too long. I usually do get up and do something else for a moment, or look at something else.


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