Friday, December 09, 2011

Another dog ami and some more FOs...

Now I can show you another dog amigurumi that I recently made...This one's for Tina, whose dog Jetta inspired its creation :)
Actually, I used my basic pattern for a mini dog ami. The head and muzzle are the same as the  Dachshund ami, and the ears are the same as Molly ami. The body and paws are all the same, except for the color.
Btw, I used an inventive technique to add the white fur on the chest. I'll explain on my next post what I did, if anyone's interested...
Meanwhile, I'd like to share a couple more projects. I really haven't been crocheting much lately...but these ones came up instantly.
I saw a hibernating project, I forgot what I was attempting to make. There were three strands: 2 of crochet cotton thread, and 1 of a fine yarn with nubbs (unlabled, but looks like a natural fiber too). I thought it would make a nice chain necklace, and save me the trouble of having to sort it out again in my stash :p
It makes a simple accessory to match a low neckline top, also something light and cosy to wear.

The reason I went through my stash again, is to look for acrylic yarns to make hats to donate upon Judy's request. Since she asked for bright and colorful, these caps for kids are as colorful as I can manage, based on the available yarns that I had ;)


  1. Nice projects Mimi.I like the chain a lot! yes I'd be interested to learn how you added the fur to the cutie doggie :)

  2. Yes, there is my adorable little ami! :D I love her, Mimi. <3

    Your caps are cute. I have been thinking about crocheting some hats for kids, too. My youngest son's school sent home a request for them to help families whose kids don't have warm clothing. :) I just have so much to do~not enough time to do it all. (Sigh..) :)

  3. The dachshund ami is *adorable*, Mimi! Love his Santa hat ;) I am interested to hear how you added the white fur :)

  4. Mimi! The face of your doggie looks so real!!! Eeeeee! Ahahaha. :D You know when I was in elementary school in St Marys College in QC, I often saw these women crocheting in one of the classrooms - I think it's a kind of livelihood or parents workshop thing organized by the school. I remember vividly these super bright color arylic yarn dogs and cats that they crocheted - as in bright yellow, shocking pink, electric blue, prison orange, etc. Grabe talaga ang mga colors, ehehehe .. and then after crocheting and stuffing they brushed it and voila! furry na sila, ang cute!!!! :)))

  5. Oh, maybe I can try that sometime...though I'm not inclined to work in bright colors, but if its a project for kids, why not ;)


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