Friday, March 09, 2012

Latest in Crochet and other Stuff...

Recently I've made a few interesting discoveries in crochet, aside from newspaper yarn mentioned in my previous post. For one, tapestry crochet. The technique is not new and I've also made a few projects and designs using tapestry crochet. But I'm not good with colors and prints, so I have been looking for nice designs to crochet. While browsing on Ravelry I found some wonderful bag designs using tapestry crochet technique.
These are from a talented artist in Australia, Anne Churches, who specializes in creating rugs and bags. I almost bought a bag, but it would be too expensive with the shipping cost. So I thought I should at least try out one of her patterns. I think it is on an introductory price at $2.50AUD.  I bought one bag pattern, and hope to start on that project soon...
Now for a look at some projects I finished this week. Since we revived the crochet livelihood program at Project Brave Kids, I got inspired to make small items we can possibly work on in the next few weeks.
I've made a couple new designs of small doilies (5 inches in diameter) that can also be used as topper for jar covers.
crochet jar topper

I also finished two sets of glass cozies using my pattern from a few years ago, Striped Shells Glass Cozy. I published the pattern here. One ball of Cannon or Monaco cotton thread, with partial balls for contrast color will make 4 cozies. This is one set of 4, in green color:

crochet glass cozy

I hope to come up with samples of other small projects, including cellphone cases.

Last but not least, I finally finished the black tunic ordered from me!

crochet black tunic


  1. Wow Mimi. You have been busy. The tunic looks nice. Can't wait to see what new cell phone cases you come up with. Tapestry crochet looks so nice, but I guess I just don't have the patience to try it. :P

  2. The tunic looks soo nice!

  3. Thanks Tina and Pearlin for stopping by! I thought I couldn't finish that was getting so boring at some point, since its the 6th time I worked on that pattern :p
    Tina, I remember you had the patience to make the Dora bag, and probably more tapestry crochet projects ;)
    Right now, there are just so many things I want to make! I keep hopping from one project to another.

  4. That tunic is gorgeous!! Nicely done.

  5. OMG!!! how could you! That is very awesome!!!

    I hope one I can have a finished product bigger than a pouch at least. All I can create are pouches single stroke all throughout, and with color combinations...Thank you! this is very inspiring. ^_^


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